Barista training in Boston

There’s two big names in Boston when it comes to coffee / barista training:

Boston Stoker Coffee Co.

Technical terms like microfoam, off-gassing, brewing ratios etc. can seem more than a bit confusing to those who’ve never been a part of the specialty coffee industry. Training at the Boston Stocker Coffee Co.’s program will equip you with all that’s needed to succeed in the industry.

Remember that success in a competitive industry is only achievable through the best education and training. This school’s got a special team of Certified Barista Trainers who will help and your business to grow in the industry, through their highly polished coffee skills and knowledge.

An investment in training will aid you to:

  • Save you money by getting rid of wastage.
  • Attain consistent quality.
  • Give your customers better service.
  • Motivate and inspire employees.
  • Become closely familiar with your coffee products.

Each of the school’s barista course Boston has been customized for the student:

Basic training lasts for about half a day and its venue is the Boston Stoker Warehouse and Roasting Facility. You’ll be taught coffee brewing, rudimentary espresso, roasting, drink instruction and workflow, and milk steaming.

boston barista courses

Intermediate training lasts for an entire day and has the same venue. You’ll be taught everything that is taught in basic training, as well as manual brewing, latte art, advanced espresso, cultivating & processing methods, and coffee tasting and origin.

Advanced training lasts for three days, and is taught at your coffee shop. Besides the topics covered under the basic and intermediate tiers, you’ll also be educated on management techniques, marketing and branding, creating a continuous training program, on-site applications and sustainability.

Counter Culture Coffee

Counter Culture Coffee’s Boston training center is a building dedicated to topnotch coffee training as well as community interaction. Each of the their training centers acts as a local hub for professional coffee training and industry development, and also as a focal point for cultural interaction and taste exploration.

Equipped with the most modern appliances and manned by their best in the world coffee trainers, these training centers come together to form a network of classrooms for the institute’s coffee education curriculum which comprises of many different seminars, classes and labs. The training center also serves as a great staging place for their ongoing public Friday Coffee Cuppings series as well as community events.