Braun Coffee Maker Error Codes

Braun coffee makers are among the best as they deliver high-quality coffee machine models, which are helpful solutions in the kitchen.

However, even though they are among the most dependable models, Braun coffee makers occasionally throw up error codes for a fault you can solve quickly or something that takes a little more effort. Unfortunately, the website merely says to contact the Braun call center, which isn’t convenient.

In our guide, you can learn more about the Braun coffee maker and the error codes or indicator lights you could find. By the end, you’ll have more information on each error code and how you can fix or stop them from happening in the future. (Read Does A Coffee Maker Boil Water)

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Error Codes On Braun Coffee Makers

1. Braun Error Code “E21”

When the water tank is empty, the Braun coffee maker displays the code E21.

The problem is caused by an airlock, where there is air in the pipes, where water can’t pass from the tank to the machine.

  1. Try Braun’s suggestions. Lift the tank off the machine when it has been filled to the 50 oz mark, and then reposition it.
  2. Restart the device after turning it off.
  3. Try lifting and lowering the tank a couple more times to see if the error code disappears.
  4. Restart the device after turning it off.
  5. There are more things to prime your machine and release the air lock if the E21 problem persists.
  6. You may see a hole where the water tank joins when you remove the water tank by looking down into the machine.
  7. You’ll now need a thick straw, such as one from a water or sports bottle or a turkey baster.
  8. If you’re using a straw, place it over the hole, add a little water, turn on the coffee machine, and blow into the straw until water flows from the coffee machine.
  9. If you have a turkey baster, put the tip with water before inserting it into the hole. Try pushing some water from the baster through the hole after turning on the machine.

2. Braun Error Code “E13”

When the heating plate can’t reach the right temperature, an E13 error appears. The “over ice” feature needs you to activate the “over ice” mode before you fill your carafe with ice to brew an iced coffee.

You receive the E13 error when you don’t select the over-ice mode as the machine thinks it should brew hot coffee, yet the plate detects ice in the carafe.

It is helpful to unplug the device so it can sit for a few minutes to solve the issue. Before using the Braun, plug it in and reset the time.

3. Error Message “E19”

Your coffee maker displays error E19 if the drink selector knob is not in position. Ensure the knob is pointed at a size and not halfway between two drink sizes.

4. Braun Error Code “E01”

When your Braun shows an error code E01, there’s an internal problem with the machine. Chances are it needs to be repaired. If the machine is under warranty, call the Braun Call Center.

5. Braun Coffee Maker Error Codes “E03” “E04” “E06” “E07” “E10” “E11” “E12” “E14” “E15” or “E17”

When a coffee maker shows these error codes, a quick reset can fix this. Unplug the coffee maker and let it idle for about an hour before plugging it back in. Hopefully, your error code has gone.

6. Braun Coffee Maker Error Codes “E02” “E05” “E08” “E09” “E16” or “E18”

It would be best if you ran a descale cycle when your Braun coffee maker displays one of these problem codes. The coffee maker should be unplugged and left to stand without being used for five to ten minutes before being plugged back in.

If you don’t have a Braun Descaler, you’ll also need to order one. The official cleaning tool produced by Braun is the descaler. It is the one they advise using to cleanse your equipment.

Lactic acid, a component of the solution, is safe to use on aluminum. It can sit in the machine for several hours as the cleaning cycle clears calcium deposits in the water reservoir and the machine body.

Rinse and try to ensure the brewing mechanism works properly.

7. Braun Coffee Maker Brew Button Not Working

When you have access to plenty of brewing water and power, a button malfunction could cause your inability to brew. Alternatively, the problem could be brought on by calcium accumulation, which restricts water flow during brewing.

Solution: try a brewing cycle and descale your coffee maker first. If everything else fails, hire a specialist to inspect your brew button if you see the same error code on your coffee machine.

Refrain from disassembling a coffee brewer for service unless you are familiar with its workings. Also, check the power cord, as these can stop your coffee machine from working. (Learn How Many Times Can You Reuse Coffee Grounds)

You may need to get it fixed or repaired, and at worst, the answer is you’ll need a replacement coffee machine.

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How to Descale a Braun Coffee Maker

Start by unplugging your Braun coffee maker power cord from the power source. Start a cleaning cycle in the dishwasher after placing these components inside.

While doing this, clean the reservoir with warm, soapy water, then soak it in 2/3 water and 1/3 vinegar. Before you descale your machine, this helps remove calcium accumulation in the reservoir.

You can do this by using vinegar or Braun descaling solution. Conveniently, descaling different Braun coffee makers is an automatic process.

Steps to descale coffee maker:

  1. Remove the water filter holder.
  2. Then, as directed by Braun, prepare your descaling solution.
  3. Place a container beneath the spout.
  4. Until the light flashes, press clean.
  5. Choose brew to descale. This process cannot be stopped until the descaling method is complete.
  6. The green light will stop blinking after it’s finished.
  7. Fill your reservoir by pouring the liquid from your carafe.
  8. Run fresh water through several descaling cycles to eliminate any cleaning agent smells in your machine.

Note: If you properly rinse the brewer, you can also use lime, vinegar, and bleach.

Doing this allows you to brew savory cups of espresso without worrying about your coffee maker’s aftertastes.

Easy Steps to Solve Braun Coffee Maker Error Code E01

  1. Unplug your coffee maker for a couple of hours.
  2. One of the most straightforward solutions you may try at home is this one.
  3. Unplug your Braun drip coffee maker from the primary power supply if Error e01 appears.
  4. Keep it unplugged for a minimum of two hours.
  5. Connect the machine to a power supply after that and turn it on.
  6. Brew your coffee and set the timer.
  7. This time it will function properly because sometimes the machine’s auto-ON and auto-OFF functionalities have problems.
  8. Disconnect the machine for half an hour, then restart it to solve the problem.

Repair Damaged Circuit Board

Your Braun coffee maker’s electrical board or circuit board may become damaged or malfunction because of power outages and years of regular use. Simply opening the machine’s bottom and examining the circuit board will allow you to confirm this. (Learn How To Cool Down Coffee Fast)

You’ll need to replace the circuit board if you need a new one if there are cracked or heat-burned components. A damaged circuit board is one of the primary reasons for error code E01 on your coffee machine.

If this happens, you must phone your call center to get a fix for your Braun, or replace your Braun and get a new one, so you can enjoy a great cup of coffee again.