Can A Nutribullet Grind Coffee Beans

It is straightforward to start grinding good whole beans using a reliable machine. Despite this, you probably already know how expensive coffee grinders are and don’t want to spend a lot of money on a device you’ll only use occasionally.

It’s great to start the day by sipping your first hot cup of coffee. Working on pre-ground coffee makes sense if you’re a busy worker. Even if your home does not have a dedicated coffee grinder, you may own a NutriBullet blender.

In regular use, the milling blade in your Nutribullet Pro turns fruits and vegetables into drinks and smoothies. The Nutribullet blade powderizes various items by grinding them into fine particles.

So, you may wonder, can you grind coffee in a Nutribullet, considering how hard coffee beans are? In our guide, you can find out more about can Nutribullet grind coffee. By the end, you’ll see how you can use your Nutribullet blender and the milling blades to get your coarse ground rather than splashing out on an expensive burr grinder. (Read Can I Drink Bulletproof Coffee Twice A Day)

Grind coffee in a Nutribullet

Can I Grind Coffee Beans In A Nutribullet Blender Combo?

Yes, you can use the Nutribullet to grind coffee beans. However, like traditional blenders, the Nutribullet’s primary function is preparing delicious smoothies. When you look at any Nutribullet, not just the Nutribullet Pro, you’ll see they have two blades you can interchange.

For food prep, you can quickly swap between the two blades: the extractor blade for juices and the milling blade for grinding spices, making powdered sugar, or other dry foods.

The Nutribullet milling blade has two blades, while the extractor blade uses four blades. While coffee pods are convenient, they will never taste as good as when you use your Nutribullet to grind coffee.

Coffee with flavor is a big deal, but good coffee is expensive. This is the primary justification for choosing at-home grinding coffee machines.

Overview Of How To Grind Coffee In Your NutriBullet

Coffee beans can be ground with a Nutribullet blender. Although it may appear to be a rather large and time-consuming task, grinding coffee beans with a NutriBullet is straightforward.

But if you’re feeling apprehensive, don’t worry; you can run through these steps to get your fine coffee in the morning. You should read the manual that came with your NutriBullet and attach the flat blade to the unit as described. Make sure the unit in question is unplugged before starting this process.

After placing the lid on the NutriBullet cup, fill it with beans. Then, plug in the device while taking precautions to keep it away from moisture and extreme heat.

Grind your beans through a grinder until they reach the consistency you prefer. After you have finished grinding, keep the lid on the device for about ten seconds to give the blade unit to stop moving, and then unplug the device from the electrical outlet. (Read What To Wear To A Starbucks Interview)

Give the unit a shake while maintaining the lid’s position. Because of this, the larger pieces of bean will fall to the bottom, and the smaller, finer grinds will rise to the top. You should brew a cup of coffee or place your beans in an air-tight container for later use.

How Do I Start Grinding Coffee Beans In A Nutribullet?

When you want to use your Nutribullet for coffee grinding, ensure two things:

1. Read The Manual

Read the user manual to familiarize yourself with your system’s workings and the results you will get. Ensure it isn’t connected to the wall socket, as the power base doesn’t have switches for variable speeds or on and off like other blenders.

2. Never Use The Extractor Blade For Coffee

Use the extractor blade carefully. It’s used to make smoothies from vegetables and fruits, so never use it for coffee grinding. Choose the milling blade to get a finer grind or to powder other dry food items.

Note: Turkish coffee requires an extra fine grind and feels like powdered sugar. You’ll need to run the Nutribullet coffee grinder for a while to get a consistent grind.

Grinding Coffee Beans In A Nutribullet

Grinding Coffee beans In Your Nutribullet

Although coffee grinders do a better job, you don’t need to buy one if you want to grind beans in a Nutribullet. In the box, you’ll find two lip rings, a flat blade, a tall cup, short cups, re-sealable lids & the extractor blade.

Here are the steps to grind your coffee beans:

1. Get the required amount of Coffee Beans

Measure the right amount of coffee beans for a couple of days and after grinding, store your coffee grounds in ceramic, stainless steel, or glass containers.

2. Use the Flat Blade

The flat blade is another name for NutriBullet’s milling blade. It works well for grinding seeds, grains, nuts, and coffee beans. You must therefore consult the instruction manual for the second step. (Learn How Long to Microwave Water for Coffee)

3. Twist to Activate

You’ll need to twist the cup containing your coffee beans and pulse for around 10 seconds.

Remove the cup and open it to check if there are still larger particles inside.

4. Grind Again

Put the blade back on the cup and pulse a second time. Now, you should be able to get the perfect grind for your brewed coffee.

5. Remove and Store

Once your coffee beans are finely ground, you can remove the device from the power and remove the cup and milling blade.

It would help if you stored these in an airtight container for any excess coffee grounds.

Ways to Grind your coffee with Nutribullet

Which Coffee Grinding Methods To Get With Your Nutribullet?

1. Grinding Coarse Coffee for French Press

Choose the Coarse Grind if you have a French press.

Its similar consistency is comparable to beach sand or sea salt. You should fill three-quarters full and give your Nutribullet device two or three one-second bursts.

When you have a coarse grind, the water can soak in to release the coffee.

2. Medium Grind For Coffee Machines

You can choose a medium grind for your beans in a Nutribullet and use these in siphon brewers and drip coffee makers.

Because of this, you need to add enough coffee beans to fill a cup by three-quarters.

If you have too many particles, water will flow through too slowly or too fast, so you can get coffee that is too strong or tastes weak.

3. Extra Fine Grinds For Espresso and Turkish Coffee

Finely ground coffee beans should make espresso. Run your device for one or two minutes at intervals of 10 seconds if you want to achieve this consistency.

You must take the base off and shake it at these intervals. These will be the same size as beach sand, and the finer particles will rise to the top.

This coffee grind is known as the “Turkish coffee grind” because it is primarily used for Turkish coffee. Its consistency is like that of flour or powdered sugar. You might need to run the device for longer than two minutes to get the texture out of the whole coffee beans.

You can do it in intervals of 10 to 15 seconds. But first, take the cup out and shake it to the fine-ground coffee specifications. This makes sure the grounds are spread out.

NutriBullet Bean Grinding FAQs

Does NutriBullet change the taste of my coffee beans?

The NutriBullet does not, in the least bit, change your coffee grinds’ flavor. Instead, they will have the same flavor as if they had just come from a specialty coffee grinder.

Can NutriBullet handle dark roast beans?

The NutriBullet can handle the job even though dark roast beans are more difficult to grind and take longer to reach a fine consistency. (Read Can Creamer Be Left Out)

Will coffee beans clog the NutriBullet?

Coffee beans shouldn’t clog the device after being ground. You could continuously tap your device on a counter or with your hand to loosen any grounds that may have become stuck after each use, however, to make sure that this doesn’t happen.

Which NutriBullet cup should I use for grinding coffee beans?

Although it doesn’t matter which cup you use, smaller cups are typically easier to use. In addition, the process can go a little faster because the beans don’t have to travel as far to hit the blades.

Final Thoughts On Can a NutriBullet Grind Coffee?

You can take your newfound skills from what you learned here and pass these on to anyone who asks about the NutriBullet’s ability to grind coffee the next time they ask. Just keep in mind that the NutriBullet is a blender and not a coffee grinder, so it will take some time and practice to become an expert at grinding beans.