Can I Drink Bulletproof Coffee Twice A Day

Nowadays, many people have bulletproof coffee rather than traditional coffee for breakfast because it helps you wake up and provides you with the meal’s fat content. Bulletproof coffees can make up part of a healthy diet and have been taken to by those on a Keto diet or who practice intermittent fasting to help them lose weight.

Bulletproof coffee is growing in popularity, and the contents can help with specific diets once you see the contents Bulletproof coffee has. It comprises coffee, oil, and butter and is a high-fat, low-carb drink that helps to bring the ketosis state to the body, and here, the body can start to burn fat effectively.

Now, the question arises of how much bulletproof coffee is too much. The quick answer is you can drink multiple bulletproof coffees during the day and use it to replace an ordinary latte. However, in our guide, you can learn the long answer to how many cups of bulletproof coffee can you have in a day.

By the end, you can see that it can be safe to drink twice as part of a balanced diet, although it is high in fat, and for some, it could be too much fat, such as saturated fats, and be counter-productive to your fat-burning escapades. (Read Does A Coffee Maker Boil Water)

Drink Bulletproof Coffee Twice A Day

Where Did Drinking Bulletproof Coffee Start?

American author and entrepreneur Dave Asprey introduced Bulletproof coffee (BPC), also known as Butter coffee, in 2011. Aspey claimed that the idea of combining coffee with high-fat solids originated in the Himalayas, where his Tibetan hosts generously provided him with a drink known as “yak butter tea.”

People seek out foods that contain more fat and encourage the ketogenic effect of bulletproof coffee as the keto diet. As a result, the ketogenic method of losing weight has become more popular. This coffee’s high-fat content is thought to aid in promoting weight loss , reduce hunger cravings, and energize the body.

This butter coffee beverage has several health advantages. First, the beverage retains all the benefits associated with coffee, including lowering the risk of heart disease and early death and giving the body essential antioxidants. This is because it is coffee-based and contains coffee.

As a result, the bulletproof coffee’s fat content contains omega-3 fatty acids and is rich in healthy nutrients. As a result, drinking this coffee also provides you with all you need to maintain a high-fat diet that enhances the health of your bones and heart.

What Does Bulletproof Coffee Taste Like?

A “rich, creamy, and energizing beverage made with quality fats,” as many people refer to BPC. Look at the ingredients that make BCP to better understand how it tastes.

The recipe only needs three ingredients, according to the official Bulletproof website:

  • 1 brewed cup of good coffee (medium roast, which hints of cinnamon, plum, cocoa, orange, and hazelnuts),
  • Coconut oil or MCT oil, 1-2 teaspoons
  • Butter or ghee is made from grass-fed cows and unsalted.

Other recipes call for ingredients like eggs, cocoa powder, coconut cream, etc., but for the time being, stick with the original. If you are a fan of all things coffee, you may not like the taste of mixed butter, as it makes it creamier and heavier than a regular latte. (Read Standard Coffee Mug Size)

Benefits of drinking BPC:

Increases Energy: Provides long-lasting energy without crashing. In addition, saturated fat is slower to digest, so it is absorbed slower, thus providing more prolonged bouts of energy.

Note: MCT oil provides a substantial energy source but doesn’t get broken down before entering the cells, so the ketones produced are used immediately instead of stored.

Reduces Hunger: Bulletproof coffee is now used for losing weight. The body uses two fuels: glucose from carbs and fat. The body prioritizes burning sugar, so drinking BPC triggers weight loss through ketosis, which tricks the body to start burning fat while reducing food cravings while on an intermittent diet.

Improves Mood: There are claims that BPC increases the body’s testosterone count and thus influences your mood through increased serotonin levels.

The other two components of BPC, MCT oil and grass-fed butter or ghee, also contain testosterone, a substance used to produce cholesterol. BPC may therefore enhance the growth of lean muscle.

  • Fresh coffee beans or grounds: Coffee beans are rich in caffeine, which boosts moods, improves mental focus and sustains attentiveness. Long-term health benefits include suppressing heart disease and cancer. In addition, caffeine helps prevent liver problems, Parkinson’s disease, and type 2 diabetes.
  • MCT oil: Medium-chain triglycerides from coconut or nut oil. This length makes it easy for the body to break them down. Thus, you avoid gaining unnecessary fats in the body. In addition, these essential oils suppress hunger, boost energy, and boost the immune system, which is ideal for those on Ketogenic diets.
  • Ghee or butter: This component’s high caloric content keeps you full for hours after drinking coffee. Conjugated linoleic acid, vitamin A and K2, and butyrate are other ketone qualities in grass-fed ghee or butter that lower the risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart problems.

Guide to Brew Bulletproof Coffee

How to Brew Bulletproof Coffee

Easy-to-make bulletproof coffee. You only need the ingredients and a mixer.

1. Gather your ingredients and appliances.

  • 10 to 12 oz. of fresh coffee beans (or grounds)
  • 1 to 2 teaspoons of unsalted butter or ghee
  • 1 to 2 teaspoons of MCT oil (you can use olive oil as an alternative)
  • A suitable blender.

2. Brew your regular coffee using your usual method.

3. Add the ingredients

  • Add 1 to 2 teaspoons of grass-fed butter or ghee to 10-12 oz of coffee.
  • Add 1 to 2 teaspoons of MCT oil or coconut oil to your freshly brewed coffee.

4. Mix

Blend for 30 seconds until latte-like. This process combines bulletproof coffee ingredients.

How Many Bulletproof Coffee Per Day Is Safe?

With all the ingredients, you may wonder how much bulletproof coffee per day is ideal or too much.

Bulletproof coffee is suitable for ketogenic or low-carb diets for health reasons. This means that, besides dieters, healthy people can enjoy this magic drink. (Learn How Much Does A Coffee Mug Weigh)

Who should drink bulletproof coffee?

  • Individuals who want to burn excess body fat.
  • Sedentary people, like white-collar professionals, whose desk jobs cause body fat buildup.
  • Athletes whose careers depend on strict nutrition and need essential nutrients.

For these individuals, grass-fed oils boost metabolism, which improves food digestion. In addition, butter or ghee reduces carb and calorie intake by limiting between-meal snacking when intermittent fasting.

Who shouldn’t drink Bulletproof Coffee twice a day?

If you ask, can I drink bulletproof coffee twice a day, or need reasons not to, then don’t drink it too often if you are any of the following:

  • Your body is in ketosis and burning fat rather than sugar to produce energy.
  • Caffeine-intolerant people may find BPC’s 10-12 oz brewed coffee too much.
  • You’re already at a high-calorie level. However, depending on workout intensity, height, and weight, 200 to 300 calories per cup of BPC may be too much for individuals with excessive body fat.
  • You have already reached your saturated fat quota. A 2,000-calorie diet should only consume 16-22g of fat. However, BPC contains 21g of fat.
  • Anyone with high cholesterol. Butter can increase cholesterol levels, and too much is a health hazard. You may need your blood markers checked to determine how much BPC you can drink.

Bulletproof coffee ideal cup per day


Can I drink bulletproof coffee twice a day, and how much is too much?

Yes, you can take bulletproof coffee more than once a day (up to 2 or 3 times) if you’re not following a strict keto or intermittent fasting routine.

Dieters get one cup. More than one cup can complicate calorie, fat, and low-carb diet intake. Exceeding this limit can cause heart problems, type 2 diabetes, and liver and kidney problems.

If you’re young, athletic, and have a good metabolism, you can drink bulletproof coffee twice a day. If not, limit BPC to once a day to avoid disrupting keto.

Is bulletproof coffee better than other coffee?

BPC isn’t better than other coffees because it uses 100% Arabica beans. BPC is unique because it contains energy boosters and a specific calorie count. Still, it shouldn’t cost more than ordinary coffee.

Final Thoughts – Bulletproof Coffee

You may drink bulletproof coffee twice a day. However, if you don’t mind the extra fat in your normal coffee, you can replace your regular coffee with bulletproof coffee instead.

Because the high-calorie components of BPC can speed up the accumulation of excess fat in a person’s body, it is recommended that individuals who follow unique diet plans do not take the supplement more than once per day.

With BPC, proceed with caution because this trendy caffeine drink has positive and negative effects on one’s health. Because regular coffee and bulletproof coffee have the same amount of caffeine, you will not need to be concerned about consuming an unsafe amount of caffeine if you drink bulletproof coffee.

Because of this, you are free to determine the frequency with which you should drink bulletproof coffee based on the amount of caffeine and fat required.

One cup of bulletproof coffee should be consumed each day as the recommended daily dose for those on a Keto diet. The reason for this is that this coffee contains a lot of saturated fat (unsalted butter), and consuming a high amount of saturated fat can cause your cholesterol level to rise.

Because of this, consuming an excessive amount of bulletproof coffee may cause your Ketogenic diet to contain excessive caffeine and fat, which may counteract any health benefits you gain in other areas. However, if you are a fan of this Keto coffee drink and want more than one cup, you can reduce the amount of fat you regularly consume while still having this coffee for intermittent fasting. (Learn How Many Tablespoons Are In A Pound Of Coffee)

In addition, not everyone is endowed with a healthy metabolic system, and this is especially true for people over 50 who consume too much caffeine. You can maintain drinking bulletproof coffee twice a day if you are in your 20s or 30s and are very athletic; however, in the long run, it isn’t recommended to drink bulletproof coffee over your regular cup.