Can You Froth Creamer

People who like their coffee with frothed milk know how its creamy, air mouthfeel makes your daily cup of joe more enjoyable than usual. However, some people prefer the added dairy in their coffee more on the sweeter and creamier side, hence using creamer. But can creamers achieve the same foamy texture as frothed milk?

If you plan to substitute your frothed milk with a frothed creamer, read on to know whether it’s possible and other things you need to know about.

Can You Froth Creamer?

If you’re unfamiliar with foam, it pertains to the layer of foamy bubbles you often see on top of the coffee, such as cappuccino.

But we already know that you can froth milk. The question now is: can you do the same with coffee creamer? The answer is yes! Since they are milk-based, you can froth your creamer the same way you froth your milk, giving you the same excellent results. (Read What Does Double Blended Mean At Starbucks)

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Different Types of Creamer

Before we learn the various ways to froth a coffee creamer, let’s first identify its different kinds:

Powdered Creamer

As its name states, powdered coffee creamers are made of powder that acts like milk on your coffee. They quickly dissolve when added to a hot cup of coffee and make it creamier than before. People often buy this kind because of its longer shelf life, even if you don’t put it in the refrigerator.

Liquid Creamer

Liquid creamers are a diluted version of powdered coffee creamer made of vegetable oil, flavors, sugar, and casein. They often come in different flavors, such as French Vanilla, Hazelnut, and Chocolate, making your daily coffee cup more delicious. Like milk, you should keep liquid creamer in the fridge to prolong its shelf life. A cold liquid creamer is also best for frothing! 

Non-dairy creamer

Those who are allergic to dairy can opt for non-dairy creamers instead. Several brands, such as soy, oat, almond, and other non-dairy milk, already offer this kind. While they may be plant-based, they still taste as good as regular creamers.

How to Froth Creamer

There are six different ways you can try to froth your favorite liquid creamer. We also added tips for people frothing coffee creamer for the first time:

Steam Wand

Using a steam or frothing wand is the best way to ensure you will froth your creamer. This solid metal pipe is an Italian, high-pressure pump designed to steam and froth milk for coffee. Most coffee shops use this for their espresso-based drinks since it’s easier to achieve that luxurious froth without much effort. Just note that a steam wand can be pricier than other machines and equipment.

How to use it: Pour your creamer into a pitcher or mug, then place it underneath the steam wand. Once you insert the wand into the container, make sure you keep its top near the side to create a vortex. Move your container up, down, and around the wand until you create a foamy texture. (Read Chocolate Coffee Flavor Guide)

Electric Milk Frother

An electric milk frother is a no-brainer way to froth creamer. It is an electrical appliance with various automated settings that allow you to make hot or cold foam by pressing a button. You don’t have to worry whether your creamer will froth since it can make any liquid foamy with its different whipping speeds. The electric milk frother can also be the priciest among all these options, but the great foam it creates makes this appliance worth it.

How to use it: Pour the milk into the machine and press the power button. Once you notice that the milk already looks foamy, you can turn off the device.

Handheld Milk Frother

A manual version of the electric milk frother, this handheld tool might look small, but it does the job. Some require batteries to operate while some are rechargeable, making them an ideal on-the-go frother. You can bring them anywhere to create a frothed coffee creamer wherever. It is also relatively cheap, perfect for those who want to try frothing for the first time.

How to use it: Place the tool’s tip on a glass or mug, then turn on the power button. Move the device up, down, and around the mug to create foam. You can turn off the power once you have achieved your desired froth.

French press

French Press

Yes, the French press does more than make some good coffee drinks! Many coffee drinkers already know how a coffee press can serve as a milk frother, which means you can also use it to froth coffee creamer. It takes patience, though, since you need to pump hard to achieve that creamy froth.

How to use it: Fill in the coffee press with a warm creamer about 1/4 full. Place the cover, and pump it up and down for about 30 seconds. If you notice that it has already doubled its size, then it’s good to go!

Mason Jar

If you want to avoid purchasing more tools or machines, you can use your old mason jar sitting in your kitchen as a frother. It’s an effective way to foam milk; plus, you can put your coffee directly in the jar and drink it straight from the cup.

How to use it: Pour the creamer into the jar, about 1/4 to 1/2 full. Place the lid tightly and shake it in full force. It will take 45 seconds to a whole minute to achieve that froth.

Electric Mixer

Do you think electric mixers are only for baking? Nope! They can also serve as a frother alternative. The mixer’s metal beaters are a fast and effective way to create a foam layer in your coffee creamer. However, since its beaters move quickly, it can make a mess while frothing.

How to use it: Place your creamer in a bowl. Turn on your electric mixer at medium speed and continuously mix until the creamer expands and produces foam.

Immersion Blender

If you have an immersion blender at home, you can use this in frothing creamer. Since they are typically used to mix vegetables and mashed potatoes, using them to froth creamer will be easy. Make sure you use a bowl instead of a mug when frothing since it’s more substantial than a steam wand.

How to use it: Pour your creamer into a pitcher or bowl to avoid making a mess. Submerge your blender in the container, then turn on the power. Keep the power low, then move the tool up and down until you notice that it creates a foam. Remove the tool once done, and enjoy your frothy creamer!


Most households have a whisk, making it a good option for those who want to try frothing without purchasing other tools and machines. It can create a froth but expect a different foam quality than milk frothers or steam wands.

How to use it: Ensure you have a warm creamer before you start whisking. You can either heat it in the microwave or a pot. Once warm, whisk it as if you’re whisking an egg. Once foamy, you can now use it on top of your coffee. (Read Can You Grind Coffee In A Nutribullet)

Frequently Asked Questions

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If you still have unanswered questions, these pieces of information might help:

Can you steam coffee creamer?

Yes, you can steam coffee creamer with a steam wand. Since most steam wands are attached to espresso machines, you can opt for a handheld frothing wand to steam your creamer.

Can you whip coffee creamer?

Yes, you can whip coffee creamer, resulting in cold foam. The more air you incorporate into the creamer, the thicker and more stable the foam. The secret to achieving this is to make sure you froth cold creamer.

Is frothed creamer different from whipped cream?

Yes, they’re different. A frothed creamer is a powdered, liquid, or non-dairy creamer that you froth using a tool or machine, while whipped cream is a heavy cream that is light and fluffy and whipped by a whisk or mixer.

Which makes better froth: liquid or powdered creamer?

Both liquid and powdered creamer make excellent foam, but liquid creamer tends to create a thicker milk foam even with minimal frothing time.

Do you need to heat the creamer before frothing?

You may or may not heat your creamer before frothing. But if you plan on warming it, ensure it’s at the right temperature so it won’t break down too much. Also, the closer you get to a boil, the less stable the air bubbles of the creamer will be. The ideal temperature is about 55°C to 62°C (131°F to 143.6°F) before frothing.

Final Thoughts

Making a frothy coffee at home using a creamer is possible! If you’re tired of your usual whole, almond, or skim milk as your added dairy to your favorite coffee drink, you can always experiment with your favorite creamer in your pantry. You might just come up with your new coffee obsession using this great alternative!