How To Cool Down Coffee Fast

You’re holding a cup of coffee. There is only one issue preventing you from getting your caffeine fix: it’s simply too hot! All of us have been there. But, before it hits your lips, you can tell it’s a burning temperature when you hold it up to your mouth.

How can you fast cool down that nicely prepared cup of coffee so you can start enjoying it? In addition, sometimes you require a cold cup of coffee for a specific reason, and we all know that warm iced coffee is not enjoyable.

While adding ice cubes, water, or frozen coffee cubes, blowing it, or putting it in the fridge are the most practical ways how to chill coffee, you could weaken it. Besides this, depending on what you have with you and why you need cold coffee, the best way how to cool hot coffee fast may differ.

In our guide, you can learn all the ways of how to make hot coffee cold fast. For any coffee lover, by the end, you’ll know how to enjoy your cup of coffee without waiting, weakening the taste, or making a pot of cold brew coffee before you can start drinking. (Read Coffee That Tastes Like Chocolate)

Ways To Cool Down Coffee

Easy Ways To Quickly Cool Your Coffee

Coffee is best at brewed at 200°F to get the maximum flavor. While it’s great to extract all the coffee beans flavors, it can be too hot to drink immediately.

The ideal drinking range is 120-140°F, so how can you remove 70 degrees without waiting for it to go cold naturally??

Here are a handful of the best methods for cooling coffee:

Brew Strong Add Water And Ice

Adding water will quickly water down your coffee. Because of this, we want to make a strong batch using this technique so that it can be enjoyed.

Toss an ice cube in your coffee on a hot day, wait for it to cool, then pour it into a mason jar.

Iced Coffee Cubes

Brew coffee beforehand, let it cool down, then add it to some ice cube trays.

Wait for them to freeze, and add a few to the next brew you want to cool quickly.

What’s great about this is that coffee ice cubes won’t dilute your brew.

Besides this, the Mpemba effect makes hot water freeze faster than lukewarm water, so if you need your ice coffee cubes quicker? As soon as you brew, fill your heat-proof ice cube tray and place them in your freezer.

Blow On Your Coffee

Does blowing on coffee cool it down? Blowing on coffee for three to four minutes can cool coffee to one that is drinkable.

Put It In The Fridge

Yes, you can safely cool coffee that is hot in the fridge.
Putting it in the fridge is a more passive way to cool coffee than blowing it for nearly five minutes.

Add ice for faster outcomes. For example, depending on the volume, a coffee pot may cool more slowly than a tumbler of coffee.

One thing to note is that adding hot coffee or anything hot into the fridge warms the internal temperature that can affect the foods you have in your fridge.

Use Cold Milk

This isn’t much of a hack as most of your milk would be cold if you keep it in the fridge. However, adding any cold liquids can help cool your coffee. One often overlooked is to use chilled simple syrup for a sweet-tasting mug of coffee.

Fastest Ways To Cool Down A Hot Drink?

The fastest way to cool a hot drink is to add liquid nitrogen; however, you may not have it at home, which would ruin your coffee.

You can add ice cubes, yet if you are not in the right place, or there are none in the freezer, even this coffee cooling method won’t work.

Here are more creative ways to enjoy a cooler cup of joe quicker than you imagined.

Use a travel mug

Consider placing your coffee in a travel mug so that you may keep it warmer for longer.

You can enjoy it over the course of many hours if your objective is to prepare it in advance so that you can enjoy it at a later time once it is cool enough to drink. (Learn How Many 12 Oz Cups Does A Pound Of Coffee Make)

Cold brew coffee or iced coffee tips

Use cold brew or iced coffee

If you often have too hot coffee, try experimenting with cold brew or iced coffee.

Using a French-press kettle, a simple pitcher or bowl, and fine sieves, cheesecloth, fabric, or paper filters to strain away the grounds, you may construct a cold-brewing system.

It’s possible that fine particles clog the filters.

Here are all the steps you need for a cold brew cold infusion technique.

  1. Pour room-temperature filtered (or bottled) water and coarsely ground coffee into a French press pot or just a pitcher—mix 4 parts water with 1 part coffee.
  2. Place the French press or container in the refrigerator after stirring the “mixture” and covering it with a lid. Give it at least 12 hours to sit.
  3. Remove the coffee from the refrigerator.
  4. Pour the coffee into a glass or mug if you use a French press after pushing the filter downward. However, you will want a coffee filter or a very fine screen if you allowed it to brew in a container (or a cheesecloth, as an alternative).
  5. You should now dilute your coffee as cold brew produces extremely strong coffee. However, it can still be strong after you add ice, cream, or milk.
  6. Currently, you have a few choices. First, use the frozen coffee cubes, which you must prepare in advance if you like your drinks strong and concentrated. Next, add ordinary ice cubes if you prefer. Finally, fill an empty glass all the way to the top for the coldest drinks.
  7. Over the ice, pour the diluted, strained coffee. Add a splash of milk or cream and your preferred sweetener.

Metal Bowl and Crushed Ice

A large bowl filled with ice and cold water and a smaller bowl made of metal or stainless steel are needed for this technique.

The smaller bowl must be placed within the larger bowl that has been filled with cold water.

The hot coffee will then be placed in a smaller bowl. It will cool your coffee even more quickly if you stir it and move it around. (Read Can You Put Hot Coffee In Glass)

A Cocktail Shaker

That cocktail shakers are constructed of stainless steel is already a benefit that will hasten the cooling process for your coffee.

Pour your hot beverage into the cocktail shaker if you choose to utilize this method.

You then need to add some ice cubes and shake the mixture briefly. Then, if you don’t want to dilute your coffee, avoid or sieve the ice cubes.

Use Instant Coffee Instead Of Brew Coffee

Instant coffee is your savior if you want to avoid the twelve hours of cold coffee brewing.

Making this kind of coffee doesn’t require much time. However, either a mixer or manual whisking is required.

Freezing Coffee Ice Cubes Instead Of Hot Coffee

Coffee frosting and freezing are ideal if you want to drink your beverage cold without diluting the taste of the coffee. Using ice cubes is a great trick; all you have to do is use your ice cube tray.

When the ice cubes are ready, pour some milk into a glass, add the ice cubes, and stir. If you don’t like your coffee with milk, you can add some creamer or let the ice cubes melt in your cup or glass.

Chilled Cup Coffee

Pour Coffee In A Chilled Cup

When compared to letting your drink cool on its own, this method is quite helpful because it cools your drink quickly.

It’s simple to do this, and it makes your coffee cool.

Only a cup or glass must be left in the fridge to cool. You can take the cup out and serve your coffee in it at that point, depending on how quickly your refrigerator cools things down.

Buy A Smart Coffee Maker

An excellent improvement is a smart coffee maker. These coffee makers frequently use Wi-Fi to function.

They can be set up with a timer so your drink will be prepared automatically and scheduled for any hour you choose.

For instance, let’s say the coffee machine makes it before you even wake up. In such case, by the time you awake, the beverage will be cool enough for you to drink it immediately.

Pour Your Hot Beverage From One Mug To Another

Almost everyone is familiar with this dated technique. Only two cups are required, along with your hands, making it quick, simple, and effortless.

Coffee must be repeatedly poured from one cup into another. Your coffee will be more reviving and ready to drink after doing this. (Read Coffee With Cream And Sugar Guide)

How Long For A Hot Drink To Cool?

Several variables can alter this, such as room temperature of the room, drink, temperature, cup placement, and cup material, etc.

The estimate is 5-30 minutes.

How Long To Cool Coffee In The Fridge?

How cold you like your coffee depends on the temperature of your refrigerator. It may take up to 10 minutes for your drink to cool, yet up to an hour and a half for an extra cold coffee.

How To Chill Fast French Press Brew Coffee

Make your coffee hot, and chill coffee quickly using these ways to cool and dissipate heat:

  • Pour your hot coffee into a metal cup or try to use a martini shaker. Steel has better heat transfer properties than ceramic.
  • For faster results, frost your metal cup in the freezer, so the hot coffee meets the cold surface of the metal.
  • Put the full metal cup in an ice bath. Add salt to the ice water to get an even colder ice bath, as this lowers the temperature because of freezing-point depression.
  • Dip a metal spoon in and out of your full cup.
  • Use whiskey Stones. Whiskey drinkers have the same problems with drinks being too warm. Whiskey stones cool any drink the same way ice quickly cools a drink.