How To Make Coffee Thicker

If you are fed up with the regular cup of coffee using instant coffee powder, or your morning cup of drip coffee is leaving you feeling unfulfilled, then you may need to look at alternatives. You may occasionally crave a thick, almost syrupy cup of coffee. You’ll never achieve this with regular drip coffee-making methods if you make your own coffee.

It can leave you wondering how to make coffee thicker so you don’t end up with bitter coffee and have something oh so smooth. Quickly, you can make a few changes to the coffee brewing process and type of coffee.

All you need to add are some things such as heavy cream, whipped cream, or condensed milk. With these, you can end up with a richer coffee drink that filter coffee offers.

thick coffee

In our guide, you can learn all the ways you can find that gives you a thicker coffee, more than just a cup of Turkish coffee or an Espresso shot. By the end, you’ll have a far thicker drink that retains the same taste of the coffee flavor you love. (Read What Food Group Is Coffee)

How Do I Make My Coffee Creamy And Thick?

One of the best ways to make thick coffee is to make Coffee Dalgona. Here you can find the best way to make this and other methods of making good coffee you can enjoy.

You only need a few simple pieces of equipment to create coffee dalgona. First, you’ll need an electric mixer or a wire whisk to beat the coffee mixture. Although using an electric mixer is faster and easier than using a wire whisk, both methods are equally effective. A stand mixer or a regular hand mixer can be used.

A milk frother would seem like a good idea for this dish, but it doesn’t work as well as you might imagine. For optimal results, use a whisk or a mixer.

A measuring cup and spoon, a mixing dish, and a coffee cup are also required.

coffee thicker

What You Need To Make Thick Coffee

1. 2 tablespoons of instant coffee crystals:

Any other type of coffee will not work in this recipe. For example, ground coffee beans or espresso powder will not work because they lack the xanthan gum required for the coffee to keep its shape while being whipped with the mixer beaters.

Any instant coffee, such as instant decaf coffee or instant espresso powder, will work.

2. 2 tablespoons sugar or another sweetener:

You can use granulated sugar or brown sugar or honey, or maple syrup as an alternative sweetener. Monk fruit is a low-calorie sweetener that tastes great in coffee.

2 tablespoons hot water.

milk on coffee

3. 1 cup milk:

If you don’t have any other milk on hand, you can use almond milk, oat milk, soy milk, rice milk, or plain cow’s milk. This can be made with either cold or hot milk.

4# 4 or 5 ice cubes:

If you like, you can leave the ice out. This drink can be served either hot or chilled.

Directions For How To Make Thick Coffee

1. Beat The Coffee

  1. Combine the boiling water, sugar, and instant coffee crystals in a medium mixing basin.
  2. Use an electric mixer or a wire whisk to beat the ingredients.
  3. The mixture will thicken and become lighter in color after a minute or two.
  4. Continue to whisk or mix for another 5 to 8 minutes.

The mixture should be able to hold gentle peaks at this point. When you remove the mixer beaters from the mixture, the foam forms a little point that folds over on itself, creating soft peaks. (Read How To Start Liking Coffee)

2. Make The Drink

Put the ice cubes in the bottom of your coffee cup if you’re using it. Pour the milk over the ice cubes, then spoon the beaten coffee mixture on top.

Take pleasure in your handmade iced coffee beverage. To consume this beverage, you’ll probably want to swirl the froth into the milk with a spoon first.

Variations Of Thick Coffee Recipe

Try some of the following to make a fresh and fascinating version of this basic creamed coffee recipe:

Pour chocolate syrup into the bottom of the glass with the milk before spooning the thick coffee over it. This will produce a mocha-flavored beverage.

Cinnamon, nutmeg, or even a pinch of cocoa powder can be sprinkled on top of your coffee dalgona. This type of drink is ideal for photographing.

To make a distinct taste twist on your regular whipped coffee, add a dollop of coffee creamer or a few drops of vanilla essence to the milk.

How Do You Make Coffee Not Watery?

If you want a change from making thick coffee, but don’t want watery coffee, here are a few ways you can achieve this.

Make Espresso Brewed Coffee

Espresso is a perfect choice if you like thick, strong coffee. An espresso machine concentrates the flavor of Arabica coffee beans (best quality beans) into a small amount of liquid.

Make a Ristretto, which is even stronger and thicker but smaller if you want to take it up a notch.

Making good espresso needs a lot of costly coffee-making equipment. However, it is the best way to get thick coffee.

If all you want to do is improve the viscosity of your coffee, there are less expensive options.

Look at Moka pots, for example. A Moka pot can make coffee similar to espresso, but it is a lot less expensive piece of equipment.

You’ll still want to grind your ground coffee from fresh beans to get the most out of your Moka pot. In your own burr grinder, you can finer make the coffee grounds than you can in a store, which helps extract the coffee grounds faster and make them.

1. Make Vietnamese Coffee

Vietnamese coffee is brewed with a Phin, a straightforward filter. This brewing method allows the water to drop gently through the grounds, extracting many flavors. Because only a small amount of water is used, you get a very strong but small cup.

It’s not quite the same as espresso, but it’s close enough.

Vietnamese coffee is typically produced with dark roasted Robusta beans, which aren’t known for their flavor. Therefore, a pinch of salt is often added to counteract the taste of bitter coffee.

You’ll find it’s frequently served with condensed milk. Because condensed milk is already somewhat thick, combining the two adds to the viscosity.

2. Increase Coffee Extraction

Coffee beans contain various chemicals and oils, making up roughly 25-30% of coffee beans.

When you brew coffee, you’re attempting to dissolve around a quarter of the soluble components into the water, which is what brewing coffee is all about.

Of course, the thicker the coffee is, the more soluble stuff there is in the water.

You’ll get thicker coffee if you increase the extraction using less water. However, simply adding additional coffee grounds won’t help because the rate at which the water absorbs all the chemicals depends on the brewing procedure.

However, you can only improve the extraction so much by utilizing the same brew procedure.

Using a few more coffee grounds, but ground finer, may enhance the extraction and result in thicker coffee, but it will also affect the flavor you may not like.

3. Use Dark Roasted Beans

Coffee that has been dark roasted has a greater body than coffee that has been lightly roasted. A lot of this is because of the richness of the flavor. Dark roasts have a bitterer flavor and darker color, making them appear thicker.

Dark-roasted coffee beans are easier to extract, resulting in somewhat more soluble material in your water than lighter roasts. (Find a Coffee Class Near Me)

Why Is My Coffee So Thin?

It’s either about flavor or caffeine content when creating strong coffee.

More Caffeine: A lighter roast or a longer brewing time will provide you with more caffeine. The more caffeine in your coffee, the lighter the roast, with white coffee being the greatest example (best as in high caffeine not necessarily flavor).

A lighter roast has more bulk and thus more caffeine when measured scoop for scoop. The caffeine concentration of coffee grinds increases as they steep in the water for longer periods.

Stronger Taste: To get a stronger flavor, change the water-to-grounds ratio, choose a darker roast, or use a different brewing method.

How To Make Strong Coffee?

Other techniques to make coffee taste stronger include:

  • The water-to-ground ratio for regular brewed coffee equals two scoops of grounds to one cup of water (for a drip coffee maker). To make a stronger coffee, add more grounds.
  • This is a darker roast. The stronger/richer the flavor becomes as the beans roast longer.
  • Try out your brewing technique. Try a different brewing method depending on how strong you want your coffee tastes to be.
  • Adding extra grounds to your coffee strengthens it, but it can also make it bitter.
  • If you prefer a strong cup of coffee, a dark roast is the way to go. It’s also essential to use the right grind.
  • Make note that a dirty coffee maker might add strange flavors to your coffee, so clean your coffee equipment regularly.

Making Coffee Taste Stronger

To make the coffee taste stronger, add the right roast and grind. Your coffee would otherwise be bitter. Coffee’s taste improves as it becomes richer.

Choose a dark roast at the café or buy dark roasted coffee beans to make your own for an outstanding cup of strong flavored coffee.

Even instant coffee comes in different roasts, so if you want a stronger cup, go for a dark roast. If you’re buying beans from a roaster or a coffee shop, make sure to inquire about their dark roast coffee options.

It could all come down to how you brew your coffee, which can be done in various ways.

Electric coffee makers produce drip coffee that takes longer than coffee brewed in a French press or an espresso machine.

However, it doesn’t mean they produce a strong coffee compared to a French press or Espresso maker.

This usually has the most caffeine because of the good strong coffee brewing duration and serving size.

Brewing times:

  • Espresso machine: 20-30 seconds
  • French press: 3-5 minutes
  • Drip coffee: 4-6 minutes

Regular coffee can be weak or taste bitter as it’s easy to get the exact amount unless you measure the coffee. Using medium roast and how long the grounds brew all impact taste.

Also, a lighter roast has more mass, therefore, more caffeine than a good dark roast.

 How Do You Make Starbucks Coffee Thicker?

Xanthan gum is a good option to try. It’s a thickening agent that can be found in various meals. For example, Starbucks uses this to make their drinks thicker.

You just need a small amount for a cup of coffee, and while it won’t improve the taste much, it will change the viscosity and structure of the coffee enough to make it feel more like a latte than black coffee.

Besides this, you can add whipped cream or vanilla extract or ask them to brew your coffee strong for a bold taste.

No matter which way you try from these brewing methods, you’ll know how to make a good cup of coffee that all coffee lovers at home will enjoy.