How To Make Crystal Boba

Crystal boba, also known as popping boba, bursting boba, or popping pearls, is a fun new boba topping for bubble tea. Unlike the traditional black tapioca balls, crystal boba is translucent white and has a different texture when you bite into it. The balls are made from agar or white agar from seaweed. This gives them a jelly-like consistency; they burst with juice inside as you chew them. 

To make crystal boba at home, you’ll need agar powder, juice, another flavored liquid, and a boba straw to shape the balls.

Combine the agar powder with your desired juice, like mango or strawberry, and heat it until dissolved. Let the mixture cool slightly, then use the boba straw to make small balls that drop into the liquid.

Let the crystal boba solidify completely before using it as a topping in bubble tea or milk tea. This results in a new boba, unlike chewy tapioca boba, which can burst in your mouth. Crystal boba delivers something more to this popular boba tea trend.

In our guide, you’ll learn the difference between regular boba and crystal boba. By the end, you’ll better understand all you need to know about crystal boba and how to make this great-tasting bubble tea topping at home.  (Learn How To Reset Descale On Keurig K Supreme Plus)

Crystal Boba topping for bubble tea

What Is Crystal Boba | Agar Agar White Pearls?

Do you know what crystal boba is? Among the other names, crystal boba, also known as agar boba, is a kind of specialty boba used in bubble tea from milk tea shops. Crystal boba is not only translucent to traditional tapioca pearls but also offers a unique gelatin-like texture.

It gets its crystal appearance from the use of agar agar powder, which is a vegan alternative to gelatin.

Once it firms up, cut it into small, chewy pieces and add it to your favorite bubble tea beverages. Homemade crystal boba adds extra fun and texture to your drinks.

What Is Crystal Boba Made of?

Have you ever wondered what ingredients are used to make crystal boba? Making crystal boba at home is a fun and delicious way to enjoy this specialty boba.

You will find a difference between crystal boba and regular boba, one of the bob is made from tapioca root starch, and the other the konjac plant.

  1. Gelatin is a major crystal boba ingredient, providing the chewy texture that we all love.
  2. The Konjac plant is another crystal boba ingredient, a root vegetable known to be high in dietary fiber.
  3. Tapioca root starch is added to the mixture to enhance the chewiness of the crystal boba.
  4. White pearl tapioca is often used as a base for crystal boba, adding a touch of sweetness to the overall flavor.

What Does Crystal Boba Taste Like

Have you ever tried tea with crystal boba, and if so, does it taste like the regular tea shops drinks?

White crystal boba, also known as konjac boba, is a healthier alternative to traditional tapioca pearls. While regular tapioca pearls have a chewy texture, crystal boba has a gelatin-like consistency. It’s made from the root of the konjac plant, which is high in fiber and low in calories.

Crystal boba is translucent with a slightly sweet flavor that complements fruit teas and other beverages. The process of making crystal boba means boiling konjac flour before shaping small balls for a healthy option to add to your favorite bubble tea drinks. (Learn How To Make Strong Drip Coffee)

 Crystal Boba vs Popping Boba vs Tapioca Boba (Regular Boba)

You should try the different types of crystal boba vs. bursting boba vs. tapioca pearls. Each offers unique textures and boba flavors.

  1. Crystal Boba is a gelatin-like substance derived from the konjac plant, crystal boba has a translucent appearance and a chewy texture that adds a delightful contrast to your drink.
  2. These classic boba pearls are made from tapioca root starch and have a chewy, gummy-like texture that bursts with flavor when you bite into them, and are the most common type of boba pearls used in bubble tea.
  3. These little pearls filled with juice are a playful accent to any beverage.

You can make things like regular boba at home, and even crystal boba can be made at home, or you can buy crystal boba online without heading to the local boba tea shops.

Popping Boba

Try adding some popping boba to your bubble tea for an extra flavor.

Popping boba, known as crystal boba adds an exciting twist on traditional tapioca boba. These small, gelatinous balls are filled with flavored juice that bursts in your mouth when you bite into them.

You’ll need fruit juice, agar agar powder, and calcium lactate solution to make popping boba.

  1. Mix your fruit juice with agar agar powder and slowly boil it.
  2. Then, a dropper drops small spheres of the mixture into the calcium lactate solution. The calcium ions will react with the alginate in the juice, forming a thin skin around the spheres.

Crystal Boba Made of

 Crystal Boba Is Made With Agar Agar

Have you ever tried the crystal boba in your bubble tea? This specialty boba is popular and delivers a chewy texture and healthy ingredients.

Crystal boba contains a satisfying chewiness without the excessive calories and sugar in traditional tapioca pearls. Its gelatin texture adds another element to your tea drinks, so try and lift your bubble tea experience. (Learn How To Make Coffee With A Kettle)

Coconut Water

Are you familiar with the benefits of hydrating with coconut water during your crystal boba-making adventures at home? Coconut water isn’t only a delicious and refreshing beverage but can enhance the texture and taste of your homemade crystal boba.

Here are some reasons to use coconut water in your recipe:

  1. Coconut water offers electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals, making it a health choice compared to sugary drinks.
  2. When mixed with tapioca root starch, coconut water creates a gelatin-like consistency, giving your crystal boba pearls a chewy and satisfying texture.
  3. Coconut water adds a subtle and tropical flavor to your crystal boba, complementing the taste of the milk tea or fruit you choose to pair it with.

Agar Powder

When making crystal boba at home, you can use agar powder as a vegan-friendly alternative to gelatin. Agar powder comes from seaweed and often used as a thickening agent in cooking. Agar boba is a healthier option than traditional boba made with gelatin, as it’s low in calories and fat.

Jelly Powder

Have you considered using jelly powder instead of agar powder for making crystal boba at home, as it provides a different texture and taste?

Jelly powder makes many types of boba, including popping boba and tapioca boba. Jelly powder is easy to use with minimal preparation. Mix it with water, cook it, and let it set to create your crystal boba.

White Sugar

If you’re making crystal boba at home, use white powdered sugar in your recipe to add sweetness and enhance the overall taste. Crystal boba is a popular topping in bubble tea known for its gelatin-like texture.

While traditional boba is made with tapioca starch, crystal boba is made from the konjac plant. It’s seen as a healthier option as contains fewer calories and carbohydrates.

Vegetable Oil

You’ll need two tablespoons of vegetable oil used in boba production as it gives crystal boba the desired gelatin-like consistency.

Crystal Boba Recipe

How To Make Crystal Boba Recipe At Home?

Are you curious about the original crystal boba or white boba types recipe and how long it takes to make it at home? Here is a simple guide to help you make your very own, like crystal boba at home.

To make crystal bobas, you’ll need the following ingredients:

  1. Agar or gelatin-like substance derived from seaweed or the konjac plant.
  2. Tapioca starch gives the boba its chewy texture.
  3. Water to dissolve the agar or gelatin and create the boba mixture.
  4. Brown sugar to add sweetness to the boba pearls.

Here’s a step-by-step process to make crystal boba:

  1. Mix the agar or gelatin with water and heat it until it dissolves completely.
  2. Add tapioca starch and stir until it becomes gel-like.
  3. Roll the mixture into small balls to create the boba pearls.
  4. Boil the boba pearls in water until they become translucent and chewy.

Your homemade crystal boba is ready to enjoy in your favorite drink.

Is Original Crystal Boba Healthier

Crystal boba is made from the konjac plant and gives a gelatin like substance. It’s easy to make at home as a low-calorie solution for bubble tea lovers.

Because crystal boba has fewer calories and carbohydrates than regular boba, it is a healthier choice for those watching their calorie intake or following a low-carb diet. (Read Why Don’t I Like Coffee)

Conclusion: Do I Need To Buy Crystal Boba Milk Tea?

Use crystal boba so you can enjoy this unique drink. Even though crystal boba may not be the healthiest option, it offers a pleasant, chewy texture made from simple ingredients.

A recent survey found that 75% of people who tried crystal boba preferred its texture over regular boba pearls.

FAQs: Crystal Boba Vs Regular Pearl Tea?

What Are the Different Flavors of Crystal Boba Available?

There are many different flavors of crystal boba available for you to enjoy. Each has its unique taste and texture, providing a delightful experience with your favorite drinks.

Can I Use Regular Tapioca Pearls to Make Crystal Boba?

Yes, you can use regular tapioca pearls to make crystal boba. However, the texture and appearance will be different. Crystal boba uses a different process, resulting in a translucent and chewy texture.

Can I Store Leftover Crystal Boba for Later Use?

Yes, you can store leftover crystal boba for later use. Refrigerate in an airtight container to maintain freshness. Consume within 2-3 days for optimal taste and texture.