How To Use Bunn Coffee Maker

With such a wide variety of coffee makers on the market, choosing a new coffee maker can be overwhelming. If you’re seeking reliable coffee brewing at home, Bunn coffee makers are some of the top coffee makers on the market. Bunn is known for making commercial-grade coffee machines and coffee dispensers that brew top-notch coffee so that you can have your morning cup of joe quickly.

With a wide variety of models on the market, including the BX, these machines are quick, efficient and brew a reliable cup of coffee every time. Their pour-over drip coffee makers evenly saturate grounds and produce a flavorful brew fast. But if you’re new to using a Bunn coffee maker, the brewing process can seem intimidating. Don’t worry – this ultimate beginner’s guide covers how to use a Bunn coffee maker.

When using a Bunn coffee maker for the first time, start by cleaning all parts and reading the manual. Fill the water reservoir and add coffee grounds to the filter basket. Place an empty carafe below the filter basket on the machine. In our guide, you can learn more about how to start a Bunn coffee maker, how to use all the components, and troubleshoot if you run into issues. By the end, you’ll better understand how using a Bunn coffee machine can deliver the best cup of coffee possible. (Read Why Does Starbucks Coffee Taste Burnt)

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What Are Bunn Coffee Makers?

A Bun Coffee maker is a new appliance, and there is yet to be another coffee maker like it. Bunn coffee makers are drip coffee machines designed for high-volume use in restaurants, offices, and convenience stores. The company has been making commercial coffee dispensers since the 1950s.

Bunn coffee makers’ are machines that use the “velocity brew” system, and this sets them apart. Some machines use similar methods, yet this brewing method shoots heated water over the coffee grounds to extract maximum flavor. The fast water flow and short brewing time are like the manual pour-over method to brew a cup of coffee you see baristas use.

Bunn offers various models for home and commercial use. Some of their most popular models, like the Bunn GRB Velocity, brew a 10-cup coffee pot in about 3 minutes. That’s lightning fast from the best Bunn coffee machine compared to a standard home drip coffee maker!

How Do Bunn Coffee Makers Work?

All Bunn coffee brewers work on the same basic principles using the velocity brew system:

  • Fresh water is held in the reservoir, which you find on the back or side of the machine.
  • Hot water is stored in a stainless steel tank inside the coffee maker
  • When brewing starts, a spray head releases the hot water over the coffee grounds with force
  • The fast water flow extracts flavor from the grounds quickly
  • Coffee drips through a filter basket into a waiting carafe or pitcher

Bunn coffee machines heat the water only when brewing. There is no warming plate to keep a brewed pot hot. This avoids overcooked, bitter coffee.

The speed and simplicity of Bunn coffee makers allow them to deliver one cup of coffee or a full pot of coffee to share.


Set Up Your Bunn Coffee Maker To Brew Your First Cup

Before brewing your first cup of coffee, you’ll need to prepare your new Bunn coffee maker:

  1. Thoroughly clean all parts of the coffee maker according to the manufacturer’s instructions
  2. Check that the coffee maker is plugged in and the on/off or heating switch is turned on
  3. Fill the water reservoir with cold, preferably filtered water
  4. Insert a #4 basket coffee filter into the brew funnel
  5. Add your choice of drip coffee grounds to the filter basket
  6. Place an empty carafe or pitcher below the brew funnel
  7. Check that the lid is securely closed
  8. You’re ready to brew!

Always start with cold water in your Bunn coffee maker’s reservoir to ensure you brew the best coffee possible. Only make the amount of coffee you’ll drink right away. Bunn machines are designed to dispense coffee immediately, not held on a warming plate. (Read What Is The Bold Setting On Coffee Maker)

How To Use A Bunn Coffee Maker To Brew Coffee

Brewing coffee with a Bunn machine like the GRB is a quick and straightforward process:

  1. Start with cold water in the reservoir and coffee grounds in the funnel’s filter basket and close the lid.
  2. Place the empty coffee carafe below the brew head
  3. Turn on the Bunn coffee maker and start the brew cycle
  4. Water will shoot over the coffee grounds to saturate them evenly
  5. Freshly brewed coffee will quickly begin dripping into the waiting pot or carafe
  6. Turn off the coffee maker when the brew cycle finishes
  7. Enjoy a fresh cup of hot coffee!

The entire brew process takes just 3-4 minutes to produce 10 cups of coffee. For a smaller batch, adjust the amount of water and coffee.

Bunn coffee makers are self-contained, so you don’t need to pre-heat or prepare the machine. Just add water and coffee when you’re ready to brew. The constant water temperature means every pot tastes consistently great.

Tips To Use Bunn Coffee Maker for Better Coffee

Following a few simple tips will help you get the best flavor from your Bunn coffee machine:

  • Always use filtered water to make coffee if possible – this prevents mineral deposits from building up
  • Keep the water reservoir and brew funnel clean to avoid old coffee residue
  • Use a Bunn paper filter or commercial basket filter for the best results
  • Choose a medium or fine grind coffee suited for drip machines
  • Use freshly roasted coffee beans and grind them just before brewing
  • Experiment with coffee-to-water ratios to find your optimal strength
  • Brew smaller batches more often for maximum freshness
  • Immediately dispense brewed coffee into pre-warmed mugs or a thermal carafe
  • Clean the machine regularly according to the manufacturer’s instructions


Troubleshooting Common Bunn Coffee Maker Problems

If something doesn’t seem right with your Bunn coffee brewer, here are some common issues and solutions:

Coffee is weak or watery.

  • Try using more ground coffee for a stronger concentration
  • Check that enough water is flowing through for the batch size
  • Clean the spray head and filter basket of any clogs

Brew time is too slow.

  • Ensure the coffee maker isn’t clogged from mineral buildup
  • Ensure there is sufficient water volume
  • Use a coarser grind of coffee to speed up the flow rate

Coffee tastes bitter or burnt.

  • Switch to a finer coffee grind to shorten brew time
  • Use additional filter paper to prevent grounds in the coffee
  • Brew smaller batches more frequently for the freshest taste

Coffee isn’t hot enough.

  • Pre-heat carafe/dispenser before brewing
  • Check water temperature setting isn’t too low
  • Rinse machine with hot water to pre-heat before brewing

Coffee maker won’t start.

  • Confirm the machine is plugged in and the outlet has power
  • Check if brewing was paused mid-cycle
  • Ensure the water reservoir has sufficient water

Check the instruction manual or contact Bunn customer service for additional troubleshooting tips. Some problems can be quickly fixed with cleaning, adjustment, or replacement parts.


Getting the most out of your Bunn coffee maker requires learning how to use and care for it properly. Always fill the coffee maker with fresh, filtered water for the best-tasting brew. Make sure that the coffee maker is turned on, plugged in, and the carafe is in place before starting your brew.

Keep your Bunn coffee maker clean by regularly washing the carafe, filter basket, and other parts.

Refer to your manual or contact customer service when encountering problems. With proper use and care, a Bunn coffee maker can reliably deliver delicious coffee at home every day. (Read Braun Coffee Maker Set Auto On)


How often should I clean the coffee maker?

Clean your coffee maker parts at least weekly. Clean more frequently when brewing heavily.

What kind of water should I use?

The coffee maker’s water you use is filtered water as it helps avoid mineral build-up in the water tank. Avoid overly softened water which could affect brewing.

Can I adjust the brew strength?

Yes, try varying the amount of ground coffee and the brewing batch size. Using a finer grind can also increase strength. (Read Will Keurig Replace My Broken Machine)

Can I brew directly into my travel mug?

No, it’s not recommended. Brew into a carafe, then pour into mugs. The travel mug opening will restrict water flow.