Keurig K Supreme Won’t Turn On After Descaling

Descaling your Keurig is essential to cleaning and maintaining your coffee maker. However, sometimes a Keurig won’t turn back on after finishing the descaling process. If your Keurig K Supreme or K Supreme Plus machine doesn’t power on after descaling, you can take several troubleshooting steps to get your coffee machine working again.

The most common cause of a Keurig not turning on after descaling is that the descaling solution overheated the internal components, causing the thermal fuse safety switch to trip. To fix this, you’ll need to unplug the coffee maker completely. Now disassembling your Keurig and resetting the thermal fuse can be done using a paperclip to reset your Keurig Supreme Plus.

If your Keurig still doesn’t power on, contact Keurig support for additional troubleshooting. Letting the overheated brewer fully cool off before trying again can also help get your Keurig operational after this safety shutdown occurs following descaling.

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With some targeted troubleshooting, you can likely get your Keurig coffee machine brewing a cup of coffee again after descaling malfunctions. In our guide, you can learn more about maintaining your Keurig K Supreme and K Supreme Plus coffee machines. After descaling, you’ll better understand how to make your coffee machine work and fix a Keurig that won’t brew your coffee. (Learn How To Start A Cuisinart Coffee Maker)

The Importance of Regularly Descaling Your Keurig

While descaling can sometimes cause temporary power issues, it’s still vital to regularly descale your Keurig brewer.

Here’s why descaling is necessary:

  • Removes mineral buildup from hard water – prevents clogging
  • Allows proper water flow and heating
  • Cleans internal tubes and pipes
  • Improves brewing performance
  • Extends the lifespan of coffeemaker
  • Restores heating accuracy
  • Fixes error codes and malfunctions
  • Ensures fresh-tasting coffee

To prevent overheating issues, carefully follow every step of descaling given by Keurig. Always fill the water reservoir properly, set a timer, and don’t exceed the recommended soaking times.

The small risk of resetting your brewer after descaling is worth it to keep your Keurig working properly for years to come.

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What Causes a Keurig Not to Turn On After Descaling?

The most common reason you may see the Keurig descale light stays on is that it stays on, even after a good descaling.  A Keurig K Supreme Plus won’t turn on after descaling because the descaling solution overheated the machine, causing the internal thermal fuse to trip.  Keurig K-Supreme Plus coffee makers have a thermal fuse safety device that shuts off power to prevent overheating damage.

The descaling solution is acidic, which can heat metal components like heating elements. If the descaling process overheats the Keurig, it will cause the thermal switch to trip and cut power as a safety precaution. Once it’s tripped, the Keurig doesn’t work until you fix the issues with your Keurig. Luckily, these problems with your Keurig can be quickly fixed once you access the thermal switch and reset the switch with a paper clip.  (Read Keurig Making Noise When Off)

How to Reset Thermal Fuse and Keurig Descale Light

Resetting the thermal fuse on Keurig Supreme models is relatively simple. Here are the steps to fix your Keurig 2.0:

  1. Unplug the Keurig and remove the plug from the power source.
  2. Locate the small circular thermal fuse on the internal housing and press the reset button in the center using a paper clip.
  3. Plug your Keurig power cord back in and press the power button icon to turn it on.
  4. If the reset button doesn’t click, you must apply slightly more pressure with the paper clip.
  5. Try pressing the power button again once the fuse reset clicks into place. The Keurig should turn back on.

Suppose you have a Keurig K Supreme or a different Keurig K Supreme Plus model; the thermal fuse reset button is on the back housing behind the water reservoir. You’ll need to fully unplug the machine and remove the water reservoir to access it.

Resetting the thermal switch should allow your Keurig to power back on following descaling. Be careful not to overfill the reservoir or allow the descaling solution to overheat the machine next time.

Try Unplugging and Resetting Your Keurig Supreme

Before calling Keurig, try unplugging your coffee maker from the power outlet for 30 minutes to allow any residual heat buildup to dissipate fully. Then plug it back in, press the power button, and after resetting the machine, see if it will turn on as normal.

Sometimes the thermal switch needs time to cool entirely before the Keurig reboots after descaling. Leaving it unplugged for half an hour can often fix coffee makers that won’t turn on after a descaling cycle. You can also press and hold the power button on the machine for 10 seconds to try resetting the computer and getting the Keurig to turn back on.

Ensure Keurig Brewer Descale Light Will Work After Descaling

Be sure to follow all descaling directions provided by Keurig carefully. Using too much descaling solution or letting it sit in the reservoir too long can cause overheating issues. When dissolving the descaler, only fill the water reservoir to the 10 oz fill line. Do not exceed 2 hours of soaking time before completing the descaling flush. This prevents overheating of components in the machine.

Double-check that you comprehensively rinsed the Keurig after descaling by running 2-3 full brew cycles of fresh water. The leftover descaling solution can continue to overheat metal parts when you try to brew coffee after descaling. Taking your time and carefully following the descaling instructions can help prevent your Keurig from overheating and shutting down in the first place.


Give Keurig K Supreme Plus Time to Cool Off

Even if you properly reset the thermal fuse, the Keurig may still need adequate time for the inner components to fully cool off after descaling before you can turn your Keurig back on. Let your Keurig sit unplugged for several hours so all interior metal parts return to room temperature. Overheating during descaling can cause continued issues until the Keurig completely cools.

Be patient and leave the coffee maker unplugged overnight. Then try pressing the power button again in the morning, and the machine should turn on. (Read Can You Use Nespresso Pods In A Keurig)

Contact Keurig Support

If you can’t fix Keurig coffee machines even after resetting the thermal fuse, contact Keurig customer support online or by phone. Provide your Keurig model number and explain the issue that started after descaling the machine.

Keurig can help troubleshoot any other potential causes for your coffee maker’s malfunction, like an internal wiring problem. They may be able to provide further advice for resetting the thermal switch if you’re still having issues. Keurig customer service may determine your brewer needs professional servicing or replacement if resetting the thermal fuse did not resolve the power problem.

Contact Keurig to Initiate a Warranty Claim

If your Keurig is still under the 1-year limited warranty, you may be able to get a replacement brewer by contacting Keurig support. Explain that your Keurig won’t power on after the descaling and troubleshooting steps didn’t resolve the issue.

Buy a New Keurig Machine

If your Keurig is several years old and has issues such as your Keurig brewer is leaking water after descaling and cleaning your Keurig, it may be time to replace the brewer with a new model. Keurig brewers and even the K-Supreme models wear out over time from mineral build-up and regular use. A very outdated machine may not be worth sinking more money into repairs.

Consider upgrading to a fresh Keurig coffee maker with features like an easy-access internal fuse, a removable water reservoir, and a simplified descaling process. This can prevent issues with resetting the machine and powering it after cleaning.

FAQs. Keurig Troubleshooting

What do I do if my Keurig still won’t turn after I reset my Keurig thermal fuse?

First, make sure the thermal fuse button is clicked when resetting it. Try unplugging the Keurig for 1 hour, then plug it back in. If it still doesn’t power up, contact Keurig support for additional troubleshooting. A wiring issue may prevent powering on even after resetting.

My Keurig stopped working right after I descaled it. Is it broken forever?

Not necessarily! In many cases, Keurigs malfunction or won’t power on after descaling. They need the thermal safety fuse reset and cooling time before operating correctly. Try the troubleshooting tips before assuming it’s permanently broken. (Read Can You Steep Coffee Like Tea)

I descaled my Keurig twice in a row. Now it won’t turn back on. What should I do?

Double descaling back-to-back can overheat the machine and cause the thermal fuse to trip. Try letting it cool off unplugged overnight. If still not turning on, you likely need to access and reset the thermal fuse on the housing before the brewer will power up again.