Oregon and Washington State Barista Courses

There’s a good demand for high end coffee houses in Oregon and Washington states, so they’re a good place as any to start your own business. The two major training institutes for baristas in these regions are:

American Barista and Coffee School

This Oregon barista school’s workshops are made to provide you and your staff with the training and information required to win in today’s extremely competitive specialty coffee industry. The sessions comprise of demos and lectures followed by practical learning.

The small number of students per workshop ensure that a personalized learning experience is created, in which seasoned coffee professionals, owners and successful runners of retail coffee businesses, are the teachers. Interestingly, this school’s popularity is such that it has also started offering lessons locally in New York City.

oregon barista school

The American Barista & Coffee School’s top-of-the-line espresso lab boasts the most recent products and equipment from the industry’s top companies, and a real coffee bar environment for practical training. Here you will be taught the skills required for creating the coffee menu for your shop, and preparing smoothies, blender drinks and small food items like panini, besides the standard espresso based beverages.

This total immersion style method of teaching allows the business owner (the student) to attain the competency and confidence to start and work their own retail coffee business successfully and efficiently.

Business & Barista Workshop [5-Day]:

This intensive workshop incorporates lectures on starting, operating/managing and practical training in the espresso lab, and learning correct food and drink preparation. The five day class costs $2795, and is meant for future business owners, entrepreneurs, present coffee business owners (e.g. Oregon Starbucks baristas), barista managers and trainers. The students must have a genuine passion for making it in the specialty coffee industry, and wish to cultivate skills and dedication for perfecting their barista craft.

Barista Training Workshop [2.5 Day]:

Costing $1495, this barista Portland OR class is a 2.5 day jam packed, intensive and practical affair designed to take your barista skills and visualization of coffee to a whole new level.

The school’s one-of-a-kind ‘Train the trainer’ methodology is an optimal mixture of practical scenarios, drink exercises and instructions focused on detail, which will prepare you to confidently run your own high-end coffee bar, and also teach others who aspire to do so.

You’ll pick up skills like equipment maintenance and operation, espresso extraction, latte art, milk steaming, menu development, work flow, efficiency and organization, and speed.

Barista Competition/Latte Art Workshop [1-5 Days]:

It can be a formidable thought to sign up for a barista competition . You need to keep lots of things in mind – from where you’ll be sourcing your coffee to the appearance of your menu. ABCS has partnered up with the best-in-the-world former judges, competitors and barista coffee Portland pros to prepare a five day grueling competition training course.

Besides the intensive competition practice you’ll be getting each day, the school will utilize the resources of local coffee roasters, chefs, artists, farms and dairies to aid you in creating your own competition program. This week of training at the ABCS will have healthy doses of both fun and hard work, but, most importantly, it will get you ready to step onto the competition floor with nerves of steel.

The workshop is customized to meet the needs of each attendee, and is led by US Barista Championship & Latte Art Competition judges and competitors.

Seattle Barista Academy

The Seattle Barista Academy, based in Kent, Washington, is the go-to place for professional Seattle barista training . They offer espresso training barista courses Seattle with practical experience in steaming, drink fabrication, extraction, grinding coffee, and latte art. Barista training with certification is provided, along with CDs and educational content.

You’ll be given top-notch training with practical exercise using professional espresso machinery. You’ll learn to prepare lattes, macchiatos, cappuccinos, and mochas from start to end. You’ll be able to distinguish yourself from the competition through etching, latte art and other techniques of coffee presentation.

seattle barista training

If you plan to start, or have recently started your coffee business, and are looking for direction, you can attend their espresso coffee education classes and utilize their coffee consulting services. These can be availed by seasoned baristas Seattle to enhance and optimize their coffee shop experience.

The classes teach the latest concepts which high end coffee shops employ to expand their business; these can have a major impact on the success of your own operation.

Barista Fundamentals, Gaining Command of the Variables:

This two day workshop covers the basics such as basic equipment maintenance, extraction and profiling, espresso theory, milk theory and steaming, bean grinding, seed to cup chain, cupping and palate development, as well as ergonomics/workflow combined with a coffee shop visit for observing in action what has been learning during the training.

Barista Fundamentals plus Drink Building Package:

This 3 day course builds on the skills picked up in the first two days and introduces hot and cold espresso drink preparation and presentation (inclusive of etching and latte art).

Barista Fundamentals plus Development of the coffee house menu: brewed coffee, tea and other beverages:

This 4 day course continues the skill development of days one through three and additionally covers brewed coffee as well as whole bean sales; tea tasting and brewing; menu preparation and the psyche behind its creation; information about coffee sourcing, roasts and profiles; and making signature beverages.

Barista Fundamentals plus Drink building and Coffee Business Consulting Package:

This five day barista training Seattle course will be invaluable to the coffee startup owner. It offers all of the things mentioned above and also an entire day of business consultation that covers staffing issues like training and hiring, development or review of your business strategy as well as concept review, and techniques of marketing i.e. cultivating a happy and satisfied clientele.

Weekend Fundamentals Class:

This barista course Seattle is an intensified weekend course which covers Barista Fundamentals, Latte art and Drink building. It is restricted to five people to guarantee a quality learning experience.