Starbucks Won’t Send Coffee To Troops

Starbucks, a renowned coffee chain known for its global reach and community engagement, has faced controversy wether does Starbucks support the military and veterans? Reports suggest Starbucks did not support the military and their spouses like Starbucks refused free products to support our military and thousands of veterans and active duty spouses.

Rumors spread by word of mouth about how Starbucks said they didn’t support the war and to send coffee to troops, including British Royal Marines in Iraq. You can learn more about Starbucks, the military, or military families in our guide. By the end, you better understand the situation with Starbucks and the many who serve their country in the military. (Learn How To Set Clock On Keurig Duo)

Starbucks Support The Military

Does Starbucks Support The Military

Starbucks has a history of support for military and military veterans. The company has been recognized for its efforts to hire veterans and military spouses and has created several programs to support military members and their families. However, because they didn’t support the war and anyone involved, they would not send the troops any Starbucks products. 

One of the most visible ways Starbucks has shown its support for the military is through its military family stores. These stores are near military bases and primarily staffed by veterans and military spouses. They offer a unique shopping experience for military members and their families, focusing on providing a comfortable and welcoming environment.

Starbucks Support for the Military

Starbucks has been a subject of controversy in the past, although the coffee giant has made significant efforts to support the men and women who serve our country.

Starbucks Donations

Starbucks has donated millions of dollars to organizations that support veterans’ mental health and well-being. 

Support for Military Spouses

Starbucks has also made it a priority to support military spouses. They have partnered with organizations like Hiring Our Heroes and the Military Spouse Employment Partnership to provide job opportunities and career development resources to military spouses. 

Starbucks Military Family Stores

In 2013, Starbucks opened its first Military Family Store. These stores create a sense of community for military families and provide a space for them to connect with each other. Starbucks has made significant efforts to support the U.S. military and their families. They have donated coffee to troops overseas and have created job opportunities for veterans and military spouses. (Learn How To Cancel Starbucks Order)

The Misconception about Starbucks and the Military

Suppose you have heard the rumor that Starbucks is anti-military and anti-soldier; you are not alone. This rumor has been circulating for years and is not entirely true. Here are the facts.

The Rumor

The rumor started in 2004 when an email claiming Starbucks refused to provide free coffee to Marines serving in Iraq began circulating. The email claimed a Marine sergeant who wrote to Starbucks requested free coffee. The company refused as they don’t support war, yet that doesn’t mean we don’t support the boys.

Starbucks Response

Starbucks responded, stating that they have always been proud to support the men and women in the military. They clarified they did not refuse to send coffee to troops serving in Iraq, but they did not provide free coffee to anyone, including the military. 

Starbucks also stated that they have a long history of supporting the troops and have sent thousands of pounds of coffee to troops serving overseas. Starbucks continued to support the military and has made several efforts to show their appreciation for the men and women who serve their country. 

While the email claiming Starbucks refused to support the troops in Iraq is not entirely accurate, the company has tried to show its support for military members. 

Free cups of coffee to military

Starbucks Support The Troops 

Starbucks has always been committed to giving back to the community. This is evident in how the company has supported the military over the years. 

Coffee Donations

Starbucks has always been a big supporter of the military. The company has donated thousands of pounds of coffee to military units stationed all over the world. In 2004, Starbucks donated 4 million cups of coffee to troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. The company also provides coffee to military bases and has given away free cups of coffee to military personnel on Veterans Day. (Read What Does Blended Mean At Starbucks)

Support for Veterans and Active Duty

Starbucks has also supported veterans and active duty personnel in various ways. The company has partnered with organizations like the USO to provide coffee to military or troops worldwide.  Starbucks has also donated money to organizations that support military families, like the Fisher House Foundation. In addition, Starbucks has a program called “Military Mondays,” where veterans and active duty personnel can receive a free cup of coffee or tea.

Support in their Business

Despite the fact that Starbucks has donated thousands of pounds of coffee to the military and has shown support for the military in various ways, there was an earlier controversy where it was rumored that Starbucks refused to send coffee to troops.

As we have seen, Starbucks would not send the troops free products of their coffee brand. However, they offered to send the coffee and over one million 3-packs of Starbucks VIA® to the USO. This is an instant coffee and easy to make in the field.

In addition, troops worldwide enjoy Starbucks from these plans in care packages and fellow partners who serve. VIA® Ready Brew in care packages they receive not only from Starbucks but from their family and friends as well.

Starbucks Experience for the Military

As an active duty military member, you may have wondered about the Starbucks donation of coffee while serving overseas. Hearing them tell the Marines they can’t get the experience they enjoy at their local Starbucks. On behalf of Starbucks, the Armed Forces Network, an internal veteran group, has expressed their gratitude and support for the military and our troops. The group provides additional support for veterans, spouses, and any Starbucks partner (employee) wanting to advocate for those who have served the country.

Although Starbucks may not have sent Starbucks coffee to troops in the past, the company has tried to serve during this time. Starbucks stores on or near military bases offer a 10% discount to all active-duty military personnel and their spouses. Starbucks has donated coffee and care packages to deployed military units.

Starbucks has also made it possible for friends and family back home to send coffee or tea to military personnel. Through their Military Commitment program, Starbucks Foundation provides an option for customers to give away a free cup for active duty military personnel. Customers can choose to send a personalized message along with their gift.

Also, Starbucks partners have one pound of free coffee each week as part of the partner mark-out.

FAQs Has Starbucks Refused to Support The War?

Does Starbucks have a policy against sending coffee to troops?

No, Starbucks does not have a policy against sending coffee to troops. In fact, the company has a history of supporting the military and has sent coffee and care packages to troops stationed overseas.

What is Starbucks’ stance on military contracts?

Starbucks has no military contracts and has expressed no interest in pursuing them. However, the company has stated it supports the military and is committed to hiring veterans and military spouses. (Read Does The Pink Drink Have Caffeine)

Has Starbucks ever been accused of being anti-military?

Yes, Starbucks has been accused of being anti-military in the past. However, these accusations are largely based on false rumors and misinformation. Starbucks has repeatedly stated it supports the military and has taken steps to show its commitment to the armed forces.

Does Starbucks have any partnerships with military organizations?

Starbucks has partnerships with several military organizations, including the USO and the Armed Forces YMCA. The company has also established a program to support transitioning veterans and military spouses to civilian careers.