Texas Barista Training Options

The only coffee school in Texas to maintain an online presence, and hence, be of note, is Texas Coffee School. There may be other teachers and sommeliers out there, but here’s on that we’re sure will be great.

This school offers a barista course Houston residents, among those from other parts of the state, can easily afford to take up. Known as the 3-Day Coffee Business & Barista Training Class, it aims to be an immersive experience, with the smartest and latest equipment out there.

The institute has years’ worth of experience in the specialty coffee industry, and has invested hundreds of hours on carefully planning, developing, trying out and refining their course curriculum; in doing so, they have taken coffee business education to new heights. Their tiny class sizes ensure that a genuinely personalized and inspired learning setting can be attained, in which students learn from successful coffee business consultants and owners.

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Over the course of three whole days, the students are given practical Dallas barista training, coffee education and individualized coffee business education and training.

To reassert the lessons taught in class, the institute also provides each student a detailed binder of classroom notes and extra learning material at no extra charge. And there are some such institutes which charge extra for additional learning material.

The institute believes that more days in a course just means more fluff. From your perspective, it also normally means a larger fee.

There are plenty of other schools which have courses that last as much as a week, which have the same stuff as this school’s three day course, but with bells and whistles added to justify the extra dollar you spend. It’s a harsh truth. This school doesn’t spread the curriculum over extra days though, they keep their focus on only the things which are really important.

This lets the student save on tuition costs, travelling, hotel stay and time. If you’re interested in becoming a barista, you don’t need to pay extra to pick up fluff and a tour of the city.

Their coffee business class covers topics such as opening up a coffee shop, coffee business profitability, business plan for a coffee shop, leasing or buying the space, sourcing of coffee equipment and supplies (which includes a comprehensive list that details each piece of equipment and small ware you’ll require to start a coffee shop as well as unsolicited recommendations, electrical requirements, equipment dimensions, installation notes, plumbing needs and contact information for well reputed vendors), creating an efficient coffee bar, planning of customer experience, choosing the right coffee roasting company, planning the menu and profitability, employee management, operating your coffee shop effectively, sample coffee shop employee evaluation form and operations manual, coffee house recipes, coffee inventory tracking, budget oriented marketing and coffee equipment calibration.

A good part of this coffee business Austin barista training focuses on teaching practical barista skills as well as coffee education so that the students are confident enough to work in a quality regulated environment. Each class is fitted with extra coffee business insight and operational education which isn’t taught in any other barista course fort Lauderdale, or other parts of Texas have to offer.

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