What Cream Does Starbucks Use

Starbucks undoubtedly has one of the best coffee drinks in the world. Not only does their coffee effectively keep us going through the day, but they also have a variety of flavors to choose from that we’ll keep coming back for.

Apart from its delicious coffee beans, perhaps one of the most addicting things Starbucks uses in its drinks is its rich and sweet cream. Whether their heavy cream, sweet cream, or signature whipped cream, it makes their drinks even more delicious.

If you’ve been obsessed with Starbucks’ creams, keep reading to know what they use in their cream and how you can recreate it at home. (Read What’s A Skinny Latte)

Starbucks drinks

What Kind of Cream Does Starbucks Use?

Starbucks uses different kinds of cream, depending on your order. Below are just some of the creams they put on their beverages:

Whipped cream

One of the signature toppings of Starbucks in their drinks is whipped cream. This big dollop of perfectly swirled cream makes every beverage more delicious and enjoyable. You will see this mainly in some of their cold coffees and hot chocolate, especially in their famous Frappuccino.

Heavy cream

Does Starbucks have heavy cream? Yes, they have! The heavy cream refers to the cream they use on beverages with not less than 36% fat. The thick, creamy layer on some of their famous drinks is skimmed from the top of the milk to make heavy cream. And as its name suggests, Starbucks’ heavy cream is quite dense and rich in fats. 

Sweet cream

Starbucks’ sweet cream is a blend of 2% milk, vanilla syrup, and heavy whipping cream. As its name suggests, this delicious add-on makes any drink sweeter and creamier without being so thick. Starbucks introduced sweet cream in 2016 through their Vanilla Sweet Cream cold brew drink and has changed the cream game since!

Half and half cream

Half-and-half refers to the cream Starbucks usually use between whole milk and heavy cream in their drinks. It means a mixture of half light cream and half whole milk. Using it as a substitute for milk makes your coffee thicker and richer. It also has a bit of sweetness because of the half-light cream.

Liquid creamer

Starbucks also has a liquid creamer consisting of soy, almond, oat, or coconut milk. You can add them if you want your americano or brewed coffee to be creamier. It is also an excellent option for those who don’t want the dairy in their coffee to be thick like the previously mentioned creams.

All About Starbucks Whipped Cream

Starbucks baristas make the signature whipped cream using vanilla-flavored heavy whipping cream. Heavy whipped cream usually has high-fat content, which creates a waxy-looking appearance. It also has more calories than other creams, so take note of that if you’re trying to watch your calorie and fat intake. If you’re on a keto diet, it is also worth noting that it might not be keto-friendly because of the vanilla syrup. (Learn How Much Do You Make At Starbucks)

How many calories are in a Starbucks whipped cream?

Starbucks’ whipped cream adds about 70 to 100 calories to their beverages. For instance, their Caramel Frappuccino, which has whipped cream and caramel drizzle, has around 380 calories — 80 of it is from the whipped cream. So, if you want to cut calories, you may remove the whipped cream from your drink.

Is Starbucks whipped cream gluten-free?

Yes, their whipped cream is gluten-free!

How to achieve Starbucks whipped cream?

If you plan to do homemade whipped cream like Starbucks, you must have a professional whipped cream dispenser. It is the secret to perfectly achieving that form and consistency like Starbucks’. As for the ingredients, you will need 2 cups of heavy whipping cream and 1/4 cup of vanilla syrup. We highly recommend the syrup Starbucks sells at its stores.

You can follow this simple procedure:

  1. Add the heavy cream and vanilla syrup to one glass or mug. Mix it.
  2. Pour your mixture into the dispenser. Make sure you stay within the max fill line.
  3. Shake the canister ten times, then leave it on the side for around 15 seconds.
  4. Dispense the whipped cream and let it do the magic!

All About Heavy Cream

Starbucks pink cream

If you want the lowest carb milk option available among Starbucks’ dairy options, go for their heavy cream or almond milk. There are only a limited number of Starbucks drinks with heavy cream, but you can always ask to add heavy cream free of charge!

What Heavy Cream Does Starbucks Use?

Most Starbucks stores in the US use heavy cream from Borden.

How much heavy cream does Starbucks use in its drinks?

Starbucks uses a fixed amount of dairy in their drinks, whether heavy cream, sweet cream, half and half, or milk options. The standard in their drinks depends on their size: 1 ounce of dairy for tall, 2 ounces of dairy for grande, and 3 ounces of dairy for their venti beverages.

All About Sweet Cream

Sweet cream gained popularity when cold brew made waves among coffee drinkers. When Starbucks launched its Vanilla Sweet Cream cold brew, many complimented how the sweet perfectly complemented the cold brew. Its sweetness and creaminess are enough not to overpower cold brew’s strong coffee flavor. (Read Starbucks Pink Drinks Names)

Is there a non-dairy version of sweet cream?

Starbucks doesn’t have a non-dairy sweet cream at the moment. If you prefer a non-dairy option, you can go for a non-dairy cold foam or any of their plant-based milk.

Are sweet cream and heavy cream the same?

No, sweet cream and heavy cream are different. Sweet cream is made of milk, vanilla syrup, and heavy whipped cream and is often runnier in consistency, while heavy cream is thick and rich and skimmed off the top of the milk.

How to make a Starbucks sweet cream copycat?

You can easily make one at home if you can’t get enough of their sweet cream. You only need half and half cream, sweetened condensed milk, and vanilla extract. You can also follow the procedure below:

  1. Add 2 cups of half-and-half cream in a mug or glass. 
  2. Pour in 1/2 cup of the sweetened condensed milk and 1 tbsp of vanilla extract.
  3. Combine all the mixture until blended well.
  4. Voila! You already have your homemade Starbucks sweet cream to pour into your coffee drinks!

All About Half and Half

Half and half is perfect for those looking for a creamy option with just the right amount of thickness and not too sweet. Unlike other dairy substitutes, you cannot whip half and half, but its consistency has just the right thickness that makes your coffee rich.

What do you call half and half at Starbucks?

Starbucks calls their half-and-half “breve.” If you opt for this in your drink, you will see the letter “B” written on your cup, which signifies breve or half and half.

What is the difference between half and half and heavy cream?

Half and half is a mixture of cream and whole milk, while heavy cream is just a thick cream. (Read What To Wear To A Starbucks Interview)


Now that you know the differences among Starbucks’ creams, it depends on what kind of cream suits your taste. If you prefer thicker cream for your beverages, you can opt for whipped and heavy cream. But you can go for sweet cream or half and half if you prefer lighter drinks.

Always experiment with your Starbucks drinks; you’ll find the perfect drink to suit your palate soon enough!