Why Did Dunkin Discontinue Hazelnut

Dunkin’, the beloved coffee, and baked goods chain, has always presented an array of flavors, catering to the diverse preferences of its loyal fanbase. Among these flavors, Hazelnut swirl is clearly the top of everyone’s favorite flavor. This was a nutty, indulgent sensation making up the perfect combination of richness to a regular coffee from Dunkin.

However, there was dismay across the country, and many loyal customers wondered if they would ever get their hazelnut swirl back on the menu with their breakfast sandwich. The discontinuation of Hazelnut at Dunkin’ left a significant void in the menu. It caused a wave of disappointment among its patrons, who loved the shots of hazelnut in their brew. 

The decision to remove this staple flavor in 2022 was a surprise, and the news spread rapidly across social media platforms like Reddit, where fans expressed their discontent. Although Dunkin’ has not provided an official announcement explaining the reasons behind discontinuing hazelnut.

Discontinue Dunkin's Hazelnut Swirl

Many speculate it is to refresh the menu, introduce new flavors, address supply chain issues, change consumer preferences, or strategically streamline their offerings. In the wake of hazelnut’s discontinuation, fans have turned to online platforms, like Change.org petitions, to express their desire for Dunkin’ to bring back the beloved flavor.

While Dunkin’ continues to introduce new flavors, the pain of losing hazelnut lingers. As Dunkin’ evolves, fans anxiously hope for the day when they can again indulge in the nostalgia of hazelnut at their local Dunkin store. In our guide, you can learn more about this flavor shot that covered the stale coffee taste many found. By the end, you’ll better understand whatever we currently see on the Dunkin menu can be a great alternative to a hazelnut shot. (Learn How To Grind Whole Cloves)

The Discontinuation of Hazelnut Flavor

If you’re a Dunkin’s Hazelnut Swirl fan, you’ll have heard the chain ended the flavoring used to make their Hazelnut Swirls.  The Hazelnut Swirl was one of Dunkin’s most popular flavor swirls, and its discontinuation has left many customers wondering why.

Some fans have taken to social media to express their disappointment; some have even tried to recreate the flavor at home using copycat recipes. However, it’s important to note that these recipes may not be a replica of the original flavor and may not satisfy the cravings of true Hazelnut Swirl fans.

One addition that has sparked some interest is the iced coffee. This popular Macchiato offers chocolate and peanut butter notes, the perfect combination that tastes like nothing else.

Reaction from Customers

Dunkin’s decision to discontinue its Hazelnut Swirl flavor has sparked various customer reactions, with many expressing disappointment and frustration. 

Social Media Response

Customers have expressed disappointment and frustration with Dunkin’s decision to discontinue Hazelnut Swirl on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Many have taken to social media to voice their concerns and to ask Dunkin to bring back the flavor. One Twitter user wrote, “Why did you discontinue Hazelnut Swirl? It was my favorite flavor! Please bring it back!” Another user tweeted, “I can’t believe Dunkin discontinued Hazelnut Swirl! It was the best flavor! #BringBackHazelnutSwirl.”

Petition Against Discontinuation

Besides expressing their disappointment on social media, some customers have taken more proactive measures to try and get Dunkin to bring back Hazelnut Swirl. A petition on Change.org titled “Bring Back Dunkin’s Hazelnut Swirl Flavor!” has garnered over 10,000 signatures. Customers are disappointed and frustrated with Dunkin’s decision to discontinue Hazelnut Swirl. (Read Does Dunkin Have Decaf Iced Coffee)

Comparison with Other Flavors

Hazelnut Vs. French Vanilla

Vanilla is one of the most popular flavors in the world, and it’s no surprise it’s a favorite among Dunkin’ Donuts customers. Compared to Hazelnut, Vanilla has a more subtle flavor and is less sweet. Vanilla is a great choice for a classic flavor that won’t overpower your coffee.

Hazelnut Vs. Mocha

Mocha is another popular flavor that many people love. It’s a combination of chocolate and coffee, which makes for a rich and indulgent taste. Compared to Hazelnut, Mocha is sweeter and has a more dessert-like quality. Mocha might be the perfect flavor if you indulge in a sweet treat with your coffee.

Hazelnut Vs. Caramel

Caramel is another popular flavor that many people love. It’s a sweet and indulgent flavor that adds a rich and creamy taste to your coffee. Caramel is sweeter and has a more dessert-like quality. However, hazelnut might be a better choice if you’re seeking a unique flavor that’s not too sweet. 

Dunkin's Menu

Impact on Dunkin’s Menu

Although Dunkin’s has not provided an official reason for discontinuing the flavor from its menu items. Speculation is the decision was made because of supply chain issues during the pandemic. This is supported because other flavors, like Cinnamon Dolce and Toffee Nut, croissant donuts were also temporarily removed from the menu for the same reason. 

Attempts to Recreate Hazelnut Flavor Swirl

If you are a Dunkin’s Hazelnut Swirl fan, you may have tried to recreate the nutty flavor at home after its discontinuation. Many coffee and hot chocolate lovers have attempted to make their own version of the Hazelnut Swirl using various ingredients. 

While there is no official recipe for the Hazelnut Swirl, many copycat recipes are available online. These recipes usually involve adding hazelnut syrup or extract to your coffee, along with cream or milk, to achieve the creamy texture of the Hazelnut Swirl. However, the taste and texture may differ from the original Hazelnut Swirl from Dunkin. (Read Dunkin Donuts Liquid Sugar)

Dunkin Donuts Future Plans

As one of Dunkin’s most popular flavor swirls, the discontinuation of Hazelnut Swirl has left many customers wondering about the chain’s plans. While Dunkin has not officially announced any new flavor swirls to replace hazelnut, the company constantly seeks ways to innovate and improve its menu offerings.

One Dunkin spokesperson has stated that the chain is constantly testing new flavors and products and always listening to customer feedback. This means that while Hazelnut Swirl may be gone for now, a new flavor could take place. One way to get something close is to order the Mocha swirl with extra flavoring.

FAQs: Has Dunkin Discontinued Hazelnut Swirl?

Is Dunkin Donuts Hazelnut Swirl Discontinued?

Dunkin Donuts Hazelnut Swirl has been discontinued in many locations and may eventually be discontinued store-wide. Some franchisees still have it, but it is not guaranteed.

What Happened to Dunkin Donuts Hazelnut Swirl Syrup?

It is unclear why Dunkin Donuts discontinued Hazelnut Swirl syrup. Some speculate it was because of a lack of demand, while others believe it was a decision made by the company to streamline its menu.

Where Can I Find Dunkin Donuts Hazelnut Swirl Syrup?

It may be challenging to find if you seek Dunkin Donuts Hazelnut Swirl syrup. It is no longer available in stores, but you may find it online or at specialty food stores.

What Flavors Did Dunkin Donuts Discontinue?

Besides Hazelnut Swirl, Dunkin Donuts has discontinued other flavors in the past, including Almond Joy, Blueberry Cobbler, Caramel Turtle, and Coconut.

Is Dunkin Donuts Bringing Back Hazelnut Swirl?

There has yet to be an official word on whether Dunkin Donuts will bring back Hazelnut Swirl. However, some fans hope the company will listen to their feedback and consider returning it. (Read Why Does Oat Milk Separate In Coffee)

What Are the Alternatives to Dunkin Donuts Hazelnut Swirl?

If you seek an alternative to Dunkin Donuts Hazelnut Swirl, you might make your hazelnut syrup at home or try other hazelnut-flavored syrups from other brands. Some popular options include Torani and Monin.