Coffee Cup Sizes Chart

Coffee mugs come in many shapes and sizes, suitable for the beverage you’re drinking. Coffee mugs can be used for numerous purposes other than drinking coffee. For example, a personalized photo mug is a great gift, or fill a large latte cup with soup or snacks.

Besides this, you then have all the coffee cup sizes from your favorite coffee shops and the cup size you’ll get at your office coffee machine. In our guide, you can learn what is the height of a standard coffee cup and how it relates to coffee cup measurements.

You’ll see how big is a coffee cup, and the height of a standard coffee cup would be about the middle of the range handed to you from your local barista for the perfect cup. (Learn How Much Does A Starbucks Barista Make A Month)

Coffee Cup Different Sizes

What Is The Standard Coffee Cup Size?

The standard coffee mug size is 8 to 10 oz, which is a nice size for your preferred beverage. When you prefer espresso, though, the size can be less.

If you’re a serious coffee drinker, a cup with 11 to 15 ounces is what you’ll need. We’ll explain mug sizes in more detail below to help you choose the ideal one for your coffee consumption.

2 – 3 oz Mugs

This mug size (2 – 3 oz cup) is ideal for enjoying an espresso shot. The base of an espresso cup or demitasse is narrow, while the rim is larger. Its purpose is to allow you to focus on the shot’s flavor.

5 – 6 oz Mugs

As you may know, a cappuccino is made with a shot of espresso and an equal amount of steamed milk, then topped with froth. Because it is built with a narrow base and a wider rim, a 5 – 6 oz mug is excellent for enjoying a cappuccino.

8 – 15 oz Mugs

The most common size among coffee drinkers is an 8 to 15 oz mug. A traditional mug is always your cherished partner, whether you work (office or home).

Filter coffee is often used for a morning cup, and the perfect cup comes from a set amount of coffee to a certain amount of water in a particular coffee mug size.

You can use customized mugs to elevate your drinking style. Choosing what features will be printed on a cup can be a thrilling experience once you’ve decided on this mug style.

11 – 15 oz Mugs

This mug is the ideal size for a cup of latte (typically served in a wider bowl-shaped cup).

A latte cup is perfect for coffee lovers who also have a sweet tooth. A latte is typically served in a bowl-shaped cup that contains approximately 11 – 15 oz, allowing you to add more coffee flavors, plant-based milk, or latte art.

Types of MugMug Sizes (ounces - oz)
Espresso2 - 3 oz
Cappuccino5 - 6 oz
Classic8 - 15 oz
Latte11 - 15 oz
Oversized Mug20 - 25 oz
Oversize Latte20 - 25 oz
Travel Tumbler15 - 20 oz
Travel Mug15 - 20 oz

Oversized Mugs?

Besides sipping your favorite beverages, oversized mugs will provide extra possibilities.

Oversized Classic Coffee Mugs

Oversized Classic Mugs (20 – 25 oz)

A larger cup will do the trick if you want double the caffeine in the morning than usual.

Consider an enormous classic coffee cup (20 – 25 oz) because it will be the best mug size to keep you going. (Learn How Much Cream And Sugar To Put In Coffee)

Oversized Latte Mugs (20 – 25 oz)

Whether you’re getting ready for a big event, it’s time to break out oversized latte mugs. An oversized latte cup is a perfect dish to hold those yummy snacks when your tummy is grumbling besides overdosing on your favorite homemade latte.

Travel Mugs (15 – 20 oz)

15 – 20 oz travel mugs will keep your favorite beverage at the perfect temperature no matter where you are. If you need more stability, choose a travel mug with a handle.

Travel Tumbler (15 – 20 oz)

A travel tumbler holds 15 to 20 ounces of coffee and will fit perfectly in your cup holder.

What Are The Different Sizes Of Coffee Cups?

If you look at the standard cup sizes worldwide, they often use ml in a cup of coffee compared to how many ounces a mug holds.

Coffee cups come in a range of sizes, most suitable to the beverage you’re drinking. Some coffee shops have their own code words for cup sizes. What are the usual coffee cup sizes, though?

The cup size of an espresso shot, for example, is 2 ounces and holds around 59 mL.

A latte also comes in an 8-ounce cup with a capacity of 236 milliliters.

In addition, each espresso shot is 12 ounces in volume and holds around 355 mL.

As you can see, a “normal” coffee cup holds 6 to 8 ounces of liquid. That’ll suffice for standard brewed coffee and cappuccinos.

Standards are not universal. Apart from a couple of other countries, the United States is the only country still using Imperial measurement; hence the average size of 8 ounces is not widely acknowledged.

The lovely round quantity of 250 ml is chosen as a standard cup size in most nations that use the metric system.

The size of your cup matters since it determines how much coffee you should brew.

Because 15 ounces is used for the normal coffee cup size of 6 ounces, brewing 12 ounces of liquid coffee with only 15 grams of coffee grounds results in a weak cup of coffee no matter the coffee type you use.

Coffee has many names and gives you a boost when you’re sleepy. Besides this, studies show that filtered coffee offers certain health benefits.

The normal size of popular coffee drinks is listed to help you upgrade your coffee experience from cups to real and traditional coffee.

Because of the many flavors and formulations available, a normal cup of coffee is difficult to define.

The size of a coffee cup varies based on the type of coffee consumed. For example, a latte cup is substantially larger than an espresso cup. How about an over-the-top mug of your favorite iced coffee? (Learn What To Wear To A Barista Interview)

If you are an aspiring barista, you can get a barista standard cup from a range of the mug sizes you find in coffee shops.

Standard espresso cup size

1. Espresso Cup Size

Espresso is usually served in a 2 oz shot (59 ml). Standard espresso cups are between 8 and 10 ounces to get the greatest quality of expresso. These are the tiniest coffee cup sizes available.

The espresso cup is a little and beautiful size that comes in various lovely patterns. In terms of size, it’s comparable to a double shot of liquor.

According to industry experts, coffee drinkers are becoming more interested in espresso beverages, where the consumption of cappuccinos, lattes, and flat whites is up by 50 percent.

Most specialty coffees start with a shot of espresso, so that fancy vanilla oat milk latte starts with a shot of espresso.

A shot of espresso is usually served in a 2 to 3-ounce cup with a short handle. Espresso cups are supposed to help concentrate the flavor for a good cup of coffee by being narrow at the base and wider at the rim.

2. Cappucino Cup Size

A cappuccino cup size is traditionally in mug sizes of 6 ounces (177 ml). Cappuccinos are espresso-based drinks that are traditionally made with steamed milk foam.

A cappuccino is typically made with one shot of espresso and the same amount of steamed milk. It’s then topped with foam. Finally, cappuccino mugs are matched with a matching saucer dish, which is both lovely and traditional.

3. Latte Cup Size

On the other hand, Lattes are substantially larger than the previous drinks.

The typical latte is 8 oz (236 ml) in size and served in a bowl-shaped cup. Iced coffees, such as iced lattes, are significantly larger to make room for the ice. They weigh 12 ounces (355 ml)

Lattes are delectable beverages. The latte cup sizes were created to contain all of the tasty components in one container.

A latte mug allows you more room to experiment with different coffee flavors, plant-based milk, and latte art. The wide cup design makes it simple for you or a barista to pour steamed milk into espresso.
Despite being a specialty drink, lattes aren’t just for high-end cafes or corner coffee shops.

4. Standard Coffee Mugs

Coffee mugs are available in various forms and standard coffee cup sizes. Although, the size of a coffee cup varies depending on where you are and what you’re drinking.

However, the normal coffee mug size is 8 oz (236 ml). A simple cup of coffee infuses you with warmth and energy. Make the most of every morning with 8 Cup Coffee Makers designed for caffeinated convenience.

5. Non-Standard Coffee Cup Sizes

There is a wide range of options for selecting the ideal cup for a morning coffee. However, most coffee users (90%) have a cup of coffee for the morning, compared to 70% of 18–24-year-olds.

Coffee mug sizes come in a variety of forms, including standard 11 oz. (325 ml) mugs, historically adorable expresso shot cups, tiny expresso mugs, and tall 12 oz. mugs (354 ml).

One of the largest is the oversized classic coffee mug, which is way above standard coffee cup sizes.

6. Travel Mugs

The travel mug provides convenient access to great caffeine on the go. These reusable to-go travel mugs have changed the way people travel for work in various professions.

For a real coffee lover, no matter the type of coffee you need so be sure the best mug size fits your car cup holders.

The most common travel coffee mug sizes are 16 ounces and 20 ounces. However, the bottom can still fit a cup holder.

7. Starbucks Coffee Cup Sizes

It can be perplexing at times, especially before a cup of coffee in the morning. The English language doesn’t determine the standard coffee cup sizes of Starbucks’ most common coffee cups. The size is in Italian.

Short, Tall, Grande, Venti, and Trenta are the sizes from smallest to largest. Starbucks’ short fresh, brewed coffee is 8 oz (227 ml).

Starbucks’ tall coffee is 12 ounces (355). 16 oz. Starbuck’s Grande (454 ml). “Grande” is an Italian word that means “big.”

Starbucks’ Venti is a 20 oz (591 ml) coffee. In Italian, “venti” signifies “twenty.”

The Trenta is Starbucks ‘ largest size. Trenta coffee is 31 oz and at 917 ml. The meaning of Trenta is “thirty” in Italian. (Find Barista Classes)

However, keep in mind that this isn’t a possibility in every location.

It’s also limited to a type of coffee like cold brew, iced coffee, brewed iced tea, refreshers, and lemonades.